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a room or establishment where alcoholic drinks are served over a counter

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Sloan's beaten-down vocals travel on world-worn wisdom through barrooms, bedrooms and back roads.
Though his victim was black, Mike Tyson's troubles sparked racial conversations in living rooms and barrooms across the nation.
An increasing proportion of homicides in barrooms, for example, occurred during robberies, rising from one in thirty-three saloon homicides to one in seven.
Musical influences ranged far and wide, from the deserts of the Middle East and the barrooms of Louisiana to the court of 18th-century France, with the occasional stop-off in the English countryside.
By appearing in barrooms in a non-threatening way we hope people will recognize the state police as a resource they can call on.
The flailing of frustrated characters, the dances in the barrooms, and the rage unleashed onto weaker characters in A Rage in Harlem constitute, for Himes, performative acts which mimic the freedom, the speed, and the power of the train.
In the lumbertown barrooms of the Pacific Northwest, violence is promised if the old-growth cannot be cut.
Video clips from Clint Eastwood's impressive body of work are organized into six categories: Early Years, Cops, Westerns, Backroads and Barrooms, Man of Action, and Behind the Camera.
ATHOL - What began as a friendly canoe excursion that pitted a dozen patrons from two Athol barrooms against each other back in 1964 - involving beer guzzling, paddling and yeoman efforts to not fall into the murky Millers River - has gained massive popularity, and today thousands compete.
This issue has moved from the country clubs and the boardrooms to the barrooms of middle America,'' said Sen.
You have to deal with alcohol issues and other things that potentially come with barrooms.
We're not talking about barrooms, just dining rooms.
Mahony said his agency's investigation consisted of undercover officers observing employees at the barrooms hand cash to customers who were using the machines.
The Spanish and Italian immigrants, most of whom were men, would gather in barrooms and bordellos and sing songs of loneliness and heartbreak, creating a sound that is uniquely Argentine.
While there are still a number of small pubs or barrooms with one or two tables in Worcester County, there are also the larger clubs such as Boston Billiard Club, Jillian's and London Billiards that offer not only competitive play within leagues the clubs have established, but also an attractive, smoke-free environment for those who just want to kick back for a night.