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a room or establishment where alcoholic drinks are served over a counter

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An army of one, whether in the boardroom or in a barroom brawl, doesn't have nearly as much impact as when he or she comes armed with people who believe in you or have your back.
Here he reunites with the musicians who made 1988's solo classic Diamonds And Dirt on thoughtful autobiographical songs and meaty barroom stompers.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, although subsequent events like David Warner's barroom punch during the 2013 Champions Trophy appeared to have vindicated CA's decision to change coaches, however Arthur feels that there was a lack of respect shown to him by CA over his perceived 'soft' discipline approach.
Directed by Mary Huls, the show is billed as a country-western musical with "a little romance, a little two- steppin' and even a barroom brawl.
In the previous entry in the series, the duo suffered near death in a bayou shootout, and we now find Dave in a New Orleans recovery facility in a morphine-induced haze where he receives a midnight visit from Tee Jolie Mellon, a creole barroom singer who leaves him an i-pod filled with music, including three songs she sings and which apparently only he can hear.
This was not the result of some drunken barroom brawl.
Pubs throughout the land last night echoed with fierce barroom debates over her legacy.
Henri's narrative primarily consists of a series of barroom monologues on the nature of absinthe and the world; he measures monetary value in terms of absinthe-purchasing power and declares: "I never mix absinthe with reality so as not to worsen the quality of the absinthe.
and the cartwheel that descended into a barroom brawl.
the leader in touchscreen barroom entertainment, is proud to announce the release of Photo Hunt Social, an all-new version of the iPad's ultimate find-the-difference game that brings online multiplayer to Photo Hunt for the first time.
He was involved in the infamous golf buggy incident with Wales and the London barroom controversy with football fans in April, something that led to his release by Wasps.
I took the elevator down to the basement where what I call my small barroom is located.
The collection contains a richness evocative of barroom performances, helped by the fact it was recorded live with Joe's band from his 2009 album The Ballad Of John Henry.
The Champ and my father were at opposing corners of a long, rectangular bar up against the far side of the barroom.
Summary: When in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital and business hub, expect to get deals done in the boardroom, not the barroom.