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a room or establishment where alcoholic drinks are served over a counter

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Culture mavens of the 1970s will be reminded of disco's similar swift tumble from empyrean heights to barroom punchline.
Yet Clemens was also known for his high-strung temper; he got into a barroom brawl during his first semester of the University of Texas, and once he even punched out a Houston police officer, briefly landing him in jail.
Lee's 'Operation Chromite,' based on real events inspired by the United States-aided liberation of South Korea from North Korean occupation in the 1950s, has competently made war sequences-from barroom gunfights to massive battles on the beach-it has disconnecting moments, mainly when Liam Neeson appears.
Tenders are invited for C O Gos Mess Suites For Gc Ctc Crpf Gwalior Sh Addition Alteration In Four No Vvip Suits Dinning Hall And Barroom Including Electrical Installations
Inside, the home boasts a formal paneled dining room, finished basement and a barroom, among other amenities.
It takes a kind of delusional barroom swagger to tell your readers, "No, dude, this story is so amazing you will literally become a slave in Egypt.
toward barroom promises of better pay, which never seemed to prove
Lavishly appointed living and entertaining spaces on the main floor open off a 125-plus foot-long gallery, and include a ballroom-sized reception hall flanked by a two-story library and a barroom with adjoining music lounge.
If the Harmed Brothers owe the path they've forged these past few years to any particular beer-soaked barroom along the way," the Brothers say, "it's got to be the Fiddle.
Music The Independents, The Evil Streaks, The Gobshites, Barroom Heroes, 8 p.
Here he reunites with the musicians who made 1988's solo classic Diamonds And Dirt on thoughtful autobiographical songs and meaty barroom stompers.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, although subsequent events like David Warner's barroom punch during the 2013 Champions Trophy appeared to have vindicated CA's decision to change coaches, however Arthur feels that there was a lack of respect shown to him by CA over his perceived 'soft' discipline approach.
Pubs throughout the land last night echoed with fierce barroom debates over her legacy.
and the cartwheel that descended into a barroom brawl.
He was involved in the infamous golf buggy incident with Wales and the London barroom controversy with football fans in April, something that led to his release by Wasps.