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a Spanish-speaking quarter in a town or city (especially in the United States)

an urban area in a Spanish-speaking country

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If they make Europe's elite, they could easily afford Barrios.
Heifer International has declined to comment on the litigation, in which Barrios asks for $5 million in damages.
Of the trio, Barrios is the man in form - having helped himself to 16 league goals for Borussia Dortmund last season.
Barrios, "and are pleased to offer the latest in surgical treatment to patients throughout the region.
company that drilled the rescue hole into the mine, and who was on the site for 36 days, said rescuers spent 20 days convincing Barrios to leave the mine.
Barrios and his fellow miners were finally hoisted up by a cable from half a mile below the earth's surface last Wednesday after more than 69 days deep inside a collapsed gold and copper mine.
Mr Barrios revealed Universal Pictures sought the organisation's input at advance screenings but that the most offensive parts stayed in the movie.
I would vote for any party that re-opened St Mary Street, and urge Martinez Barrios to cast his thoughts a little wider than just thinking about the time saved getting home on a bus.
Barrios Unidos isn't what most people would think of when they hear the phrase "faith-based organization.
During the race, Gebrselassie also lowered the 20km world record figure of Barrios by almost half a second, clocking 56 minutes 26 seconds at that point of his epic performance.
Also, undefeated former super bantamweight champion Joan Guzman of the Dominican Republic will challenge Jorge Barrios for his WBO junior lightweight belt.
Drop-in workers from nearby barrios, such as Caricuao, can also work there for pay and vegetables.
As a child growing up in the barrios of west Caracas, Venezuela, during the 1950s, Williams Ochoa heard the elders describe the religious fiestas that took place in the rural provinces.
Hector Barrios when he re-enlisted in the Air Force recently.
Asked why Venezuelan doctors did not answer the call to serve Venezuelan barrios in greater numbers, Ibarrin says, "They don't want to bring any political message.