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a Spanish-speaking quarter in a town or city (especially in the United States)

an urban area in a Spanish-speaking country

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Besides the Barrios Altos massacre, the Colina group is accused of murdering nine students and a professor from the Universidad Enrique Guzman y Valle, known as La Cantuta, in 1992 (see NotiSur, 1993-10-01, 1994-02-25), assassinating labor leader Pedro Huillca in December 1992, and murdering a former intelligence agent, Mariela Barreto, and torturing another, Leonor La Rosa, in 1997 (see NotiSur, 1997-04-25).
10) The workhorses of the judiciary in Mexico City, as a close reading of criminal records will illustrate, were those escribanos who assisted one of the principal magistrates (jueces mayores) of the eight first instance tribunals or one or more of the thirty-two alcaldes de barrio or ward police officials.
One of the significant geographical fault lines of the novel, therefore, involves the correlation between the barrio and Vietnam.
Because only sixty-six Nuestro Barrio viewers are observed, the estimated effects reported may not be efficient reflections of the actual effect.
And finally, the dancers arrived: Antonio "El Chupete" Rodriguez, Bruno Argenta, and the fiery Soledad Barrio.
Monica worries about attending the rundown barrio high school.
Barrio Adentro enlists the patient as a partner in the care of his or her health.
The History of Barrios Unidos: Healing Community Violence, by Frank de Jesus Acosta.
Drop-in workers from nearby barrios, such as Caricuao, can also work there for pay and vegetables.
Ochoa, now in his late 50s, has become one of the main organizers of the fiestas in the barrio of El Carmen in La Vega where he lives.
About 40% of the budget will fund social programs like Barrio Adentro, which provides medical attention to the country's poor, especially in urban shantytowns.
To learn more about Robert Renteria and Barrio including media opportunities and speaking engagements, please visit http://www.
The event, Barrio Latino, will feature a performance by DJ Carlos Campos, the resident DJ of Barrio Latino in Paris.
2 million in construction financing for the Artspace El Barrio @ P.
We were from a small barrio, a small Southside neighborhood - the Palm Heights area - full of heart, a great neighborhood.