barrier strip

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a junction unit for connecting 2 cables without the need for plugs

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wide coex barrier strip around the entire pinch-off.
And a retractable spike barrier strip was used to flatten the tires of a speeding vehicle filled with escaping inmates.
The LiM-420 can be either plugged directly into a backplane-style connector using the built-in card-edge guides or wired to the screw terminal barrier strip.
Contract awarded for Route 20 highway crash barrier strip Uiryeong ungok yongdeok Installation
Avikrimp (TM) style rings are pre-insulated with Nylon on the barrel, preventing arcing between adjacent terminals on a barrier strip when the barrels are exposed beyond the edge of the strip.
They feature removable stainless steel rehab benches to sit down and change clothes, clothing chutes with barrier strips to eliminate patient garment off-gassing, a negative air machine to provide staff with a needed barrier of protection from pandemic isolation, a front exit platform, single restroom, and much more.