barrier strip

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a junction unit for connecting 2 cables without the need for plugs

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contour natural grass barrier strips plus contour moldboard plowing (GCMP); and 4.
wide coex barrier strip around the entire pinch-off.
And a retractable spike barrier strip was used to flatten the tires of a speeding vehicle filled with escaping inmates.
Farmers may receive economic benefit from the eight rows of corn, so they would consider both the effectiveness in reducing e rosion and the economic return from the barrier strip before making any decision.
Contract awarded for Route 20 highway crash barrier strip Uiryeong ungok yongdeok Installation
Care must be taken to keep these barrier strips clean and intact.
At the patient's bedside (or at the hospital pharmacy, if desired), the nurse or technician removes barrier strips as desired for visual inspection of the drug, then squeezes the bag as indicated by the instructions.
Barrier strips sealed the opening in the transition cover to the conveyor.
325" centerline, the Buchanan brand barrier strips feature a high-rise design that allows for dual-level wire entry on congested PC boards.