barrier island

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a long narrow sandy island (wider than a reef) running parallel to the shore

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The data shows that local residents are increasingly depending on South Nassau's Emergency Department, have accepted it as the 'go to' facility for emergency care on the barrier island and are having an overwhelmingly favorable experience," said Richard J.
Such pools are particularly common on Santa Rosa Island, a long, narrow barrier island in the extreme northwestern Florida panhandle.
Quantifying seed arrival provides insight into potential patch dynamics and community structure across the Virginia barrier island landscape.
The morpho-sedimentary units within the estuary are related to the geomorphological evolution of the barrier island and the flood tide delta building into Great Egg Harbor Inlet.
At the beginning of 2000, I had purchased an acre of undivided interest on this barrier island, four miles across Matagorda Bay from the small mainland town of Port O'Connor.
The mammals of coastal Texas: A comparison between mainland and barrier island faunas.
The Reef Lagoon will be located on the Great Barrier Island, one of the 22 islands comprising the Australian continent; with the first phase of construction commencing in summer 2008.
Galveston, Texas, on a low-lying barrier island, has flooded repeatedly, notably in the infamous 1900 hurricane that virtually wiped out the city.
The authors detail the varieties of beaches--including barrier island shorelines, spits, and tombolos.
human structures of Perdido Key, a barrier island off the coast of
Stone, a coastal geologist at LSU, says that if the current trend of wetland loss and barrier island erosion continues, it will worsen the effects of future hurricane surges in South Louisiana.
Whitehead, a naturalist and photographer and former Park Ranger, has created a photo essay of the seasons on this barrier island in Georgia.
The option to rent Segway HTs is relatively new for the resort (1,350 acres of barrier island habitat just off the northeast shore of Florida), but a tradition of environmental integrity is not.
Kiore now thrive on Little Barrier Island, a 2,817-hectare island 80 kilometers north of Auckland, set aside by the government as a wildlife sanctuary.
However, these days Kohler spends his spring breaks on Upper Captiva, a private barrier island a half-mile off Florida's Gulf Coast where the primary mode of transportation is the golf cart.