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a long narrow sandy island (wider than a reef) running parallel to the shore

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The island's nature center has been connecting visitors with the barrier island environment since 1997 through education programs, guided tours and outdoor activities, such as kayaking the marshlands.
They are listed as a threatened species and although they have a total population of about 100,000, there are few left on Little Barrier Island, Murray said.
The seabeach amaranth seems to be well adapted to the harsh and windy habitat of the upper parts of barrier island beaches and wash fiats where storm surges scour competing vegetation.
More than three hundred barrier islands fringe the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.
New Jersey American Water customers on the barrier island only)
Its opening fulfills a promise made by the Board of Directors and administration of South Nassau Communities Hospital (SNCH) after it acquired the assets of LBMC to re-establish 9-1-1-ambulance receiving emergency medical services for the residents of the barrier island.
Governing Body of Suomenlinna Finland and MetsEnhallitus competitions by the Finnish Palace and the barrier island waterway routes: Market-Lonna-TykistE[micro]lahti-King~s Gate, Lonna, Market Square and Market Square Barrier Island, Suomenlinna (TykistE[micro]lahti) -Kauppatori.
On a small boat with a guide, you motor out to a private barrier island and beach.
Today, there are only two fulltime residents--a pair of scientists who brave the inhospitable conditions in order to study this unusual barrier island.
We live on a barrier island in SW Florida, where we wash and bathe with salty well water.
Many barrier islands have already seen their dune grass and maritime forest habitats replaced by cottages, condominiums, and other commercial developments, leading to declines in the populations of barrier island wildlife.
While the Army Corps of Engineers has already repaired a major breach in the barrier island, several storms washed away nearly 300 homes, along with much of the tip of Westhampton.
Hilton Head is an Atlantic Coast barrier island, bordered by beaches on the east and pristine tidal salt marshes on the other sides.
As New Jersey American Water methodically restores water service on Ocean County's north barrier island, customers there should ensure that their home's water is turned off at the building's main shut off valve.