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Synonyms for barrenness

the state or condition of being unable to reproduce sexually

total lack of ideas, meaning, or substance

Synonyms for barrenness

the state (usually of a woman) of having no children or being unable to have children

the quality of yielding nothing of value

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Yet another image which evokes barrenness and death relates to the Euphrates River.
Here he discusses the story in terms of tension between the three challenges of barrenness, of wilderness, and of wrestling with God and self; and the three hopes of promise, of blessing, and of fulfillment.
Toxoplasmosis is the main infectious cause of early embryo loss in sheep and a common cause of barrenness, abortion and weak lambs.
In this time of culinary barrenness, Chef Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent, just back after tweaking the menu at Tamarai in London, is at his creative best.
Flat, barrenness soon gave way to mesas, canyons and pine-covered ridges.
The landscape speaks of barrenness, but potent symbols of life are clearly visible.
The story includes a number of Old Testament motifs and narratives to describe how Mary's elderly parents, Joachim and Anne or Anna (modelled on Hannah, mother of Samuel), were lamenting their barrenness, with Joachim having been sent into the wilderness by the elders of Israel in disgrace, when angels appeared to them both and told them that they would have a child.
Indeed, as more and more walls continue to sprout up and dig in around the Middle East, they only provide us with a clearer view of the barrenness of this region's political terrain.
Not just the Americas, also theE[sz] Near East, the Middle East, the Far East and the barrenness North of the Demilitarized Zone not yet mapped by Google.
Even so, more than a whiff of condescension rose from those hagiographies, and in the case of Shidyaq, according to Makdisi, "his embellished martyrdom underscored only the barrenness, not to say barbarity, of local culture" (153).
Such works address the barrenness and dissolution of post-Soviet spaces and the people in them--a subtle mirroring of the atomization that was so palpable in the vast hangar of the Garage Center.
Looking back from the urban sophistication of the twentieth century," he wrote, "critics have sometimes wondered unnecessarily about the barrenness of literary production in the colonial period and have wasted a deal of ink writing about the sterility of more than a century and a half.
The eight new products are: -- Rapid Diagnosis Kit for Human Urine Microalbumin: Semi-quantitative testing of urine microalbumin in short time, used for detecting the damage of kidney in the early stage -- Urine One Step LH Test: For self-test at home, forecasting the ovulation cycle as a reference, help to improve the success rate of being impregnated or to do contraceptive, or treat barrenness as assistant diagnosis -- Rapid Detect Kit for Prealbumin: Semi-quantitative testing of percentage of human prealbumin, have very crucial value for diagnosing the substantial damage of liver in clinic.
The Scriptures express very poignantly the agony of barrenness and the thrill of childbirth.