barren ground caribou

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of tundra of northern Canada

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I was proud to have taken my first barren ground caribou and to have experienced an incredible up-close encounter with two wolves.
Three partners and I were bowhunting for barren ground caribou in the beautiful and wild country of Alaska's Brooks Range.
Currently, more than three million barren ground caribou range the North American North.
Alaska Barren Ground caribou and Alaska-Yukon moose are species for which DIY shouldn't be confused with "affordable.
In addition to making "the book," a black bear, mountain lion, barren ground caribou and brown bear each ranked in Pope and Young's top 10 all-time at the time they were taken.
Lent (1966) reported that the flight distance for barren ground caribou varied from 1 to 740 m.
At that time, the Super Slam comprised 27 categories of big game, but with the addition of central Canada barren ground caribou and Tule elk, it now comprises 29 categories.
I was only vaguely aware of what the concept entailed, didn't even know how many animals were involved (27 it turns out, the central barren ground caribou added later to make 28).
I still needed the grizzly, which is no pushover for any hunter, let alone a bowhunter with a cameraman in to I also needed a woodland caribou and a central barren ground caribou, both of which were becoming difficult to obtain.
Choose the incredibly-gorgeous Barren Ground caribou, impressive Alaska/Yukon moose, abundant Sitka blacktail or silky-furred black bear.
In Alaska, where barren ground caribou entries per recording period have plummeted to just 14 entries (from 50-60 per period in the "heydays" of the '80s and '90s), it's a combination of specific herd decline and access.
It's been quite awhile since I last went to Quebec to hunt the Q/L species, longer still since I hunted Barren Ground Caribou in Alaska.
Here I was, in the middle of Alaska's barren ground caribou country, with the worst case of flu I'd had in 20 years.
We were hunting in the last week of August, what normally would be considered the beginning of the annual movements of central barren ground caribou.
According to the record books, Quebec caribou are second only to Alaska's barren ground caribou in overall antler size.