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Synonyms for barren

Synonyms for barren

unable to produce offspring

lacking or unable to produce growing plants or crops

not having a desirable element

a tract of unproductive land

Synonyms for barren

an uninhabited wilderness that is worthless for cultivation

providing no shelter or sustenance

not bearing offspring

completely wanting or lacking

References in classic literature ?
You go down a flight of stone steps in the middle of a barren place, and there you are.
He has lived in unbroken retirement on the barren island for twenty years past, with no other companion than a daughter, who is his only child.
Think not we long remained blind to the idiotical folly of our founders, who forswore every delight of life for the pleasure of dying martyrs by hunger, by thirst, and by pestilence, and by the swords of savages, while they vainly strove to defend a barren desert, valuable only in the eyes of superstition.
I have carefully searched the oldest voyages, but have not finished my search; as yet I have not found a single instance, free from doubt, of a terrestrial mammal (excluding domesticated animals kept by the natives) inhabiting an island situated above 300 miles from a continent or great continental island; and many islands situated at a much less distance are equally barren.
Not that it was one of those barren parishes lying on the outskirts of civilization--inhabited by meagre sheep and thinly-scattered shepherds: on the contrary, it lay in the rich central plain of what we are pleased to call Merry England, and held farms which, speaking from a spiritual point of view, paid highly-desirable tithes.
KARAK -- The district farmers association has urged the provincial government to grow forests in Chountra area of Karak to minimise threats of floods and utilise vast tracts of barren land for the benefit of farmers.
It was our top priority to make barren land cultivable for the promoting of livestock and agriculture sector of the province,' he said.
Barren women were looked down upon by society in many ways.
Bevin for appointing me to the position of Family Court Judge for Barren and Metcalfe counties, said Peppers.
Global Banking News-January 16, 2018--Edmonton State Bank announces new leadership for Barren County
While still appearing barren, clouds at the peak may indicate the slow return of the famous mountain's snowcap, as the weather gets colder and typhoons become less frequent in the next months.
For an in depth analysis the land use of the Gujranwala city was distributed into four classes; vegetation, built up area, barren land and water.
2 billion for the construction of this project which is expected to irrigate the barren lands of Gajju Khan Baba, Panjpir, Shah Mansoor, Kunda, Anbar, Chota Lahor, Jalsai and Jalbai areas in the district, he said.
The federal Cabinet on Friday approved the acquisition of land for Diamer-Bhasha Dam and compensation rates of barren land Chilas and deferred export growth strategy to the next meeting.
Barren Knowe Cottage has period features and rural views.