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a cheap drinking and dancing establishment

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Bahrain will battle Barrelhouse and the Dragons will be hoping to get the better of the fierce Lanka Lions on the outside pitches today.
The BarrelHouse Brewing Company is a microbrewery located in Cincinnati's Historic Over-The-Rhine District at 22 East 12th Street.
As master distiller at Jack Daniel's, I get the privilege of traveling to the top floors of our barrelhouses in Lynchburg and hand drilling individual barrels.
Or, try Barrelhouse 101 in Ventura and BJ's in Oxnard.
Stuart Esty bring a bit of funk to their brand of barrelhouse blues, especially on this one, which rolls forward with a sort of casual inevitability.
In addition to being among the early craft cocktail bars in the Windy City, Violet Hour's legacy includes the many new spots recently launched by its alums, including Sable (Mike Ryan), Big Star (Michael Rubel), Barrelhouse Flat (Stephen Cole) and Analogue (Robby Haynes and Henry Prendergast).
Barrelhouse Blues: Location Recording and the Early Traditions of the Blues.
New Orleans jazz and blues band Tipitina will be serving up their own unique take on the blues, barrelhouse, boogie and gospel of The Big Easy.
Blues & Barrelhouse Piano, w/DVD, arranged by Ann Rabson.
His poetry and book reviews have appeared in Verse, Sonora Review, Tarpaulin Sky, InDigest, Drunken Boat, CutBank, iO, Umbrella Factory Magazine, Barrelhouse Magazine, and elsewhere.
She also claims the stage in other Ailey works, such as his barrelhouse ballet Blues Suite, where she personifies the word sultry in the "Backwater Blues" duet, and the coveted female solo Cry, where she devours all three sections with funk, truth, and more funk, telling not only Ailey's story about women, but we truly believe it's her story too.
Other acts set to appear over the coming weeks include barrelhouse boogie band Tipitina, Birmingham stalwarts The Broombusters and The Chinese Jitterbug Squad.
Seth composed, sung and played all the instruments on every track on Tales From The Barrelhouse, which was produced in his home county of Devon.
Having lost in last year's final to Barrelhouse Yobs after beating Hurricanes in the semis, the grandfathers of local rugby now aim to go one better despite the burgeoning growth of teams around them and the relative demise of their own stature compared to yester-year.
MIDNIGHT AT THE BARRELHOUSE THE JOHNNY OTIS STORY VOL 1 (ACE) * JOHNNY Otis was born John Veliotes, of Greek parents, in Vallejo, California in 1921.