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Synonyms for barrelful

the quantity that a barrel (of any size) will hold


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WHEN Paul Marshall won the Websters Yorkshire Handicap, he did more than complete a brewery double worth more than pounds 300 and win another barrelful of honour.
And the scene involving a barrelful of poo has to be seen to be believed.
Life insurance, disability insurance, malpractice insurance, and business interruption insurance can loosen up a barrelful of stressors for a very fair price.
In addition, the ever-growing SHOT Show University, the day before the show, and a barrelful of very valuable giveaways on the last day are some of the reasons we believe we will have an incredible 2005 SHOT Show from start to finish.
underestimate the importance of having a celebrity in our midst, and if he happens to be blessed with good looks (albeit of a swarthy, foreign variety), charm (a bit slick) and a barrelful of talent (bastard), all the better.
In his 15-year professional career he won 41 fights, lost two and drew one - the scandalous March 1999 title fight with Holyfield when the judges were as barmy as John Lydon in a barrelful of eels.
The annual Florida Winefest and Auction packs a barrelful of food and wine events into one whirl of a weekend every April, culminating this year in the "Destination Black-Tie" party at the Ritz-Carlton.
We know that our pro-abortion counterparts have money by the barrelful.
If you're tempted by their invitation -- and more than 500 have been -- the purchase comes with a barrelful of decisions.
Holiday shoppers in this Washington suburb have already gotten a barrelful of enjoyment since Crate & Barrel opened its largest freestanding store here.
This story is little more than a middle-aged woman's fantasy, complete with toy boy, Italian backdrop and a barrelful of wild secrets.
8 Judge Gillen cites turn-of-the-century trial lawyer Rufus Choate to introduce a wild animal metaphor: "the moment you begin to cross-examine one of them, instead of being bitten by one rattlesnake, you are bitten by a whole barrelful.
I thought the restaurants here were unstoppable our previous meal at a Chinese restaurant was superb - but we dine at a rather pretentious Italian spot, where gourmet means dumping a barrelful of garlic on the food, making you dine again the entire next day
The old expression of one rotten apple spoiling a barrelful was forgotten.
Despite dominating, despite creating chances by the barrelful, despite doing practically everything right - they failed to do the thing that matters most: score.