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having the general shape of a barrel

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The barrel-shaped artifact is 2,500 years old and only nine inches long, but is celebrated around the world as the first known state document that lays out a policy of civil rights for citizens.
Boeing chose to build one-piece, barrel-shaped fuselage sections that are bolted together to form a fuselage that it says is more aerodynamic and cheaper to maintain.
Another West African hand drum is the ashiko, originating from Nigeria, while from Ghana comes the panlogo, a barrel-shaped drum with a cowhide attached to pegs with ropes.
The salpa is transparent and barrel-shaped and is usually 10cm long.
For grinding of internal ring gears, which are typically used as planetary gears, the machine conversely uses a barrel-shaped multi-threaded grinding wheel.
Divisions of the lower storey differ from the upper one as the lower storey is covered by cross-vaulted or barrel-shaped ceilings, while the windows are crowned with pointed arches of the oldest models of Syrian architecture.
This unique, environmentally-friendly, small barrel-shaped device is an interesting way of producing charcoal at home from foraged sticks or split logs.
Expert tip: Forest cacti require more water than the barrel-shaped desert types.
The soft, barrel-shaped, transparent animals take in water at one end, filter out tiny edible plants and animals with internal nets made of mucus, and squirt water out their back ends to propel themselves forward.
Its innovative taper-shaped cuff design substantially reduces microaspiration by an average of 90 percent compared with the conventional barrel-shaped PVC cuff found on the Mallinckrodt Hi-Lo endotracheal tube, the industry's most widely-used endotracheal tube.
The barrel-shaped devices would stay above the surface of the water to avoid the nets, and propel right into the face of the dam.
They can lay their barrel-shaped eggs, up to 100 or more at a time, as many as four times a season on the undersides of leaves.
The study compared the Hi-Lo tube, with a barrel-shaped cuff, and the new TaperGuard tube, which features a taper-shaped cuff.
And both are working to name each a city Historic-Cultural Monument, which would protect such landmarks as the onion-domed Sepulveda Unitarian church and the barrel-shaped bar once known as the Idle Hour Cafe.