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a roll in which the plane follows a spiral course

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The boss at me first he gave me sick BRIAN My flying companion, Ahmad Al Qudah of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, just smiled and put us through another barrel roll of inverted flight.
Riders dip and dive through loops, turns and barrel rolls while learning about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
Friends doubted their sanity, but the venture took off, and business has been buoyant ever since, with would-be fighter pilots paying pounds 135 for a 20-minute flight or pounds 175 for the full half hour, with a pounds 20 supplement for a loop-the-loop or barrel roll.
Next was a barrel roll, where he spins the plane sideways upside down then back level.
As the world's most experienced aviator, Captain Claus dazzled the country's finest pilots by performing six consecutive barrel rolls and then going from zero to 800 mph in two seconds.
During the MALD's descent, George twice executed barrel rolls to maintain optimum photo positioning.
Any trepidation I've been feeling about my last trip in the rally car, when we crashed in a flurry of barrel rolls and I finished up having X-rays in a Belgian hospital, has now gone.
Defender players execute dynamic tactical maneuvers such as barrel rolls, 360-degree loops and spinning reversals to evade the enemy.
New recruits will now get the chance to have a go at barrel rolls and loop-theloops as the group prepare for their adventure training and regular trips to RAF Cosford.
They don't reach anywhere near supersonic speeds, and they can't do barrel rolls.
Passengers seated four-across in suspended chair lift-like vehicles will travel a 3,790-foot-long inverted steel track that will have six upside down elements, including several vertical loops and barrel rolls, all beginning with a 137-foot tall lift hill.
Previously the cadets, which have about 30 members aged between 13 and 18, has been borrowing buses off other clubs so they could go to events to practice their barrel rolls and loop-theloops.
Rabjohn said riders then will be propelled into a 124-foot-tall vertical loop, through two over-the-top diving loops, through a 360-degree loop, a 250-foot-long spiral and then two more times through barrel rolls.
These historic aircraft will perform aerial acrobatics with barrel rolls, hammer head stalls, loops, high speed dives, strafing, Cuban eights and finally, the "Wildcat" and "The Six" will "shoot" the "Kates" down in smoke