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a roll in which the plane follows a spiral course

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We spun the plane sideways in barrel rolls then flew upside down in an inverted flightpath as I looked down at the sheep and the cows a few hundred feet above my head.
By merely typing the words do a barrel roll in Google's search box, the screen rolls swiftly around, as if like magic.
Once you start jerking the remote horizontally to shunt your opponents into a wall or pulling up for a barrel roll Jack Jump turned spinning Torpedo attack by a boost, you won't miss your thumb on a joystick.
Flying through Midnight is the personal account of a C -123 pilot flying Operation Candlestick missions in 1970 and 1971 to illuminate enemy targets by dropping flares over the Steel Tiger area of southern Laos and the Barrel Roll area of northern Laos.
His barrel roll was smooth as silk; I follow with two of my own -- less than smooth as silk.
Ide's passing attempt on the first lap at Imola pitched Albers' Midland into a frightening barrel roll, with the Dutchman fortunate to escape unharmed after flipping five times.
My greatest thrill in a B-25 was trying to barrel roll it.
Furthermore, planes could be coated to reflect much of their energy, and simple evasive action such as a barrel roll could keep the laser from hitting one point long enough to achieve a burn.
Ms Irving added: "The wheels of the car then collided with the curb and the defendant appeared to lose control and the vehicle started to barrel roll.
the search results will rotate 360 degrees clockwise just like the barrel roll.
Six aero-planes, each carrying four riders circle the control tower, nose-dive, loop, swing and barrel roll around the column, with riders gripping on for the ight of their lives.
The newest ride at Six Flags Great America in San Antonio, the " Iron Rattler," features four over-banked turns and the first-ever inverted barrel roll, a top speed of 70 mph and a staggering drop of 171 feet at an 81 degree angle.
This is perhaps the coolest Google search trick since "do a barrel roll," which produces a vintage video-game effect.
He was the only pilot known to perform a barrel roll in a Lancaster bomber, a feat that was considered reckless and impossible due to the aircraft's size and relatively low speed.