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a musical instrument that makes music by rotation of a cylinder studded with pegs

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It's then time to curl up in your comfortable cabin and dream of canals, climbing church towers, the sound of bells and barrel organs, artists from far-flung continents and, of course, that little white rabbit
Opting for more traditional approach, the event at the Tipton heritage site will include a bonfire, Guy Fawkes dummy, a brass band sing-a-long and a fanfare of barrel organs.
That's why I'd like to go to heaven please because I know hell will be full of barrel organs and lady opera singers cuddling little yappy dogs, and eldest son's hell will have wall-to-wall ticking clocks.
Florence Burke, 73, remembered her grandparents who came to Liverpool to operate barrel organs.
Carol singers, barrel organs handbell ringers, clog dancers and barbershop singers are just some of the attractions.
They included stilt walkers, bell ringing, barrel organs, trips up to the top of the church tower, a tiddlywinks display, a tribute to the village's history as the centre of the scythe making industry and a parachute drop from a Tiger Moth aeroplane.
A fanfare of barrel organs, showman's organs and a brass band will instead play a medley of popular sing-a-long tunes.
Barrel organs and costumed characters will add to the atmosphere.
Barrel organs and a brass band will stir up musical memories as popular sing-a-long tunes ring out along the cobbled streets.
But there will be three roaring bonfires, traditional entertainment with barrel organs, brass band, hot roast chestnuts and a fairground.
There'll be barrel organs, roast chestnuts and a brass band playing a medley of sing-along-tunes.