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a musical instrument that makes music by rotation of a cylinder studded with pegs

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The Perlee plays music on cards using the same principle as a barrel organ.
All traffic came to a standstill but I eventually managed to reach the Barrel Organ where I was told what had happened and that the police had advised door checks.
Although in his post-premiere version Weill scored the first two verses for harmonium (to be played "in the manner of a barrel organ"), several of the parts indicate that the barrel organ was retained during the first three verses, even after the idea of including instrumental variations to accompany the subsequent verses had materialized.
And an ornate barrel organ imported from Germany by the Olivas family in the 1850s contrasts sharply with the primitive metal cooking pot used to prepare meals for rancho workers.
New York (Hot) is essentially a big brass boiler that functions as a barrel organ, playing John Philip Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever" at excruciatingly slow speed over the work's sixty-hour run.
In this, another of his mechanical music pieces, the choreographer uses Ligeti's Musica Ricercata, transcribed from piano for barrel organ.
Down: 1 Abridge, 2 Ethiopia, 3 Utah, 4 Stubborn, 5 Golf, 6 Stash, 8 Barrel organ, 13 Stewards, 14 In credit, 15 Springy, 18 Aston, 20 Eels, 21 Tier.
WADDESDON'S ORPHEUS SINGS AGAIN An eighteenth-century clock and barrel organ with a sculpture of Orpheus playing a flute has been restored at Waddesdon Manor, the Rothschild property in Buckinghamshire owned by the National Trust.
Suddenly the tinny sound of a street barrel organ enters through the window.
Crawford and Sons is a name which comes up a lot - and their Barrel Organ tin, for example, is highly prized and worth more than pounds 1,200 at auction.
Earlsdon Street will also see music performances from a brass band quartet, a traditional barrel organ and the ladies' choir from Coombe Abbey.
After a lazy breakfast the following morning, we packed up but instead of leaving the area we hoofed over to the Argory in Moy, a beautiful stately home with an impressive barrel organ that was in full swing during our tour.
LILIAN Barnett was hitting a duff note when she wanted to use to use a 150-year-old barrel organ to raise money for a new playgroup in Blaydon, one day in August 1974.
uk 4 150th Anniversary at Llangollen Railway, Llangollen Tomorrow & Sunday, featuring Punch & Judy, Barrel Organ, a Queen Victoria look-a-like.
In 1980, the cream of the city's rising bands took over the Barrel Organ for a week to record a gatefold album complete with sleeve featuring pioneering, newspaper-style advertising on the cover.