barrel maker

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a craftsman who makes or repairs wooden barrels or tubs

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Barrel maker Pete Coates is the only remaining cooper turning out handmade wooden barrels in Wales
He is said to be Henry Hardwick, a local barrel maker who tried to escape the clutches of a Navy press gang.
Along the way, like illuminations on a manuscript, there are tender portraits of those he loves -- his mother, for example, an illiterate washerwoman of silent dignity, whom he adores ("His mother is Christ," Camus writes in one of the notes he made for the book); the grade school teacher who got him into the lycee, snatched him from the prison of poverty he had been born to (shortly after he won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1957, Camus wrote to the real teacher, Louis Germain, thanking him for his help); his uncle (called both Emile and Ernest in the draft), a robust barrel maker who became something of a father to the boy.
Bartolomeo Beretta, born sometime before 1498, was a master gun barrel maker in Gardone.
Samuels, Maker's Mark Master Distiller Kevin Smith, and barrel maker and "wood chef" Brad Boswell of Independent Stave finally achieved the flavor they were looking for - a full bodied bourbon without any bitterness.
He also became a renowned barrel maker, but most of all, he was an inveterate experimenter, an original thinker and a perfectionist.
Rebarreling usually costs between $300 and $600, depending on the barrel maker and the gunsmith.
I'm also looking for ancestors of Charles Millward, a gun barrel maker of Moseley and later a farmer of Rowington in 1891.
Back in 1995, Kettering-based aluminium beer barrel maker Alumasc was able to raise pounds 25 million from a rights issue at 350p a share.
Whereas factory rifles must understandably be limited regarding caliber options, it's just as easy for a custom barrel maker to chamber for one cartridge as the next, be it a standard, a magnum, or an obsolete one, assuming the action is compatible or can be modified to suit.
I called him back and related my results, he went back to the barrel maker, who went to his employee, who admitted he had not even fired a single load through the barrel.
barrel maker, Douglas Rennie, to visit customers two days a week in a brand new specially-outfitted and branded Daimler Chrysler repair van to get first hand information on some of the everyday challenges wineries are dealing with.
I do not know how a barrel maker could pass a barrel this far out of spec considering that they are being checked with the same SAAMI specification tools as I use to measure headspace.
Since Dave spent part of his early training in the shop of a well-known barrel maker, he was probably right.
4 contour barrel for this particular rifle and chose Dan Lilja, a prominent match-grade barrel maker.