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I slip into corners, and my long antennae pick up the catchphrases strewn over the surface of things -- nigger underwear smells of nigger -- nigger teeth are white -- nigger feet are big -- the nigget's barrel chest -- I slip into corners, I remain silent, I strive for anonymity, for invisibility.
The downside is, unless you have a barrel chest as deep as Arnold Schwarzenegger's, you're limited to a short-length pistol.
Sure, there are more lines and scars on the battered forehead - but the barrel chest is bigger than ever, the brooding passion burning just as fiercely.
He has a barrel chest with forearms sinewed with muscle but oddly thin.
His body was sleek - a huge barrel chest and tucked-in flanks, as strong as an ox.
In a scrap between the big trousers and the barrel chest, I fancy the Northerner.
Not just facially, he has the barrel chest and tiny bow legs familiar to that stout breed.
He had done everything right when he controlled Rangel's lofted pass with his barrel chest, but then let himself down with a poor second touch before his tame shot was pushed wide by Joe Murphy.
His full beard and barrel chest recalling actor Dan "Grizzly Adams" Haggerty, Ash is well suited for all that bending and lifting, with a 5-foot-9-inch, 190-pound frame that gives him a low center of gravity.
Big barn door of a boy, shirt hanging out, barrel chest and the gait of a man who has only just discovered how to run.
WSL: I work very hard to camouflage a large barrel chest so I wear thicker shirts and tops; you ain't never gonna see me in a T-shirt.
Or Gerardo Ventura, 17, of Sherman Oaks, a would-be soldier with a barrel chest who never stops shuffling, never ceases flailing at some imaginary foe.