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an elongated tethered balloon or blimp with cables or net suspended from it to deter enemy planes that are flying low

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Packed with cameras and sophisticated devices, the barrage balloons send live footage of the enemy to patrol bases 24 hours a day.
At that time there was a barrage balloon above the park to try to stop the local factories being strafed and bombed by the Germans, and in charge of the men looking after the balloon was a young man from Ilkeston in Derbyshire by the name of Harold Turton, but always known by one and all as "Ted".
They volunteered to help out the barrage balloons up.
Q HOW successful were barrage balloons at destroying enemy aircraft during the Second World War?
I was disappointed that there were no entries on antiaircraft (flak) defenses, barrage balloons, cruise missiles, the Gulf War Air Power Survey Operation Bodenplatte, and individuals such as John Boyd, Anthony Fokker, Edgar Schmued, and George Welch (but these number only nine out of almost one thousand items).
He saw the soldiers and the land-girls, the silver sausage shapes of the barrage balloons in the sky, the occasional flight of marauder or defender aeroplanes droning aloft.
The city was much grayer then, with sandbags around public monuments, barrage balloons over the Thames, and ruined buildings in dreary streets, bombed out in the Blitz.
Barrage balloons and antiaircraft guns were sited in the park during the Second World War and today park users can see the large concrete blocks at the Coat of Arms Bridge Road area of the park where they were positioned.
BARRAGE balloons were used in World War II to guard against low-flying aircraft such as bombers and fighter planes.
Recruited in 1939, the squadrons were formed of volunteers typically aged between 25 and 50, who worked to hoist large barrage balloons into the sky during a raid to force enemy aircraft to fly higher and lose accuracy in their aim.
The Taliban are starting to realise that these barrage balloons can see and hear everything, so the enemy can run but they cannot hide," The Daily Mail quoted a senior source, as saying.
THE BOMBS AND BARRAGE BALLOONS exhibition runs until August 31 and explores the impact that the Second World War had on local steelworkers - and also highlights the tremendous contribution that they made to the war effort.
Unlike temporary advertising blimps and the barrage balloons that were last a permanent feature of the city's skyline during World War II, the vast Bay balloon would be lit at night and sold as the most high-profile advertising space in the city.
And the capital's skyline was dotted with barrage balloons, used to defend against low-level attack by enemy aircraft.