barrage balloon

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an elongated tethered balloon or blimp with cables or net suspended from it to deter enemy planes that are flying low

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ON GUARD: Harold Ted Turton on barrage balloon duty at Blews Street Park on July 11, 1941.
It was the cable of the barrage balloon, which had broken free.
THE raids were a nightmare, but they could be beautiful; the sight of the searchlights scanning across the sky at night; light shining off a barrage balloon and lighting the low cloud, feathers across a midnight-blue sky, looking so close you could almost touch them.
After National Service, where he met his wife Josephine while based at RAF Cardington, Stan became a barrage balloon operator.
One of its wings had been severed when it struck the cable of the barrage balloon located in Ridgeacre Road, Quinton, causing the aircraft to crash.
Cut to a shot of a crazy Yank with barrage balloon breasts - her own personal silicone valley.
It sank in the ratings like a deflated barrage balloon but this occasional couch potato loved it -and especially Harry whose misunderstandings of what made the female species tick had already brought one failed marriage.
Ethel Newton holding her baby son Gordon and whoever took the photograph was very careful to include the barrage balloon in the background.
The concrete block is a barrage balloon weight, dating from World War II, which has been cleaned in readiness to be placed at the centre of a new traffic island, designed to cut congestion around Lawrenny Avenue in Leckwith, Cardiff.
YOUR articles on Birmingham in the Blitz and the mention of the barrage balloon defence system reminded me of a remarkable event regarding one of these balloons.
It was on April 30, 1941, at 9pm that the Wellington, carrying bombs and ammunition, struck the cable of a barrage balloon over Bristol.
Four new anti-aircraft sites at Blyth in Northumberland were also revealed, as well as many examples of coastal practice bombing ranges, pill box sites, barbed wire obstacles, gun pits and barrage balloon moorings which were part of wartime coastal defences.
Some area where a pint or three consumed while enjoying social intercourse, the occasional takeaway meal, juicy slice of cow, chunk of deep fried cod and pie and peas can be accommodated, without the threat of inflating into a barrage balloon and exploding whilst in the queue at the chip shop?
During the Second World War the Ministry of Defence took over Highbury and used it as a barrage balloon centre.
This deed was followed by the arrival of a barrage balloon, which was known for some reason as "Rosita", in another area of the field.