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Synonyms for barrack

Synonyms for barrack

a building or group of buildings used to house military personnel

lodge in barracks

Related Words

spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts

laugh at with contempt and derision

References in classic literature ?
There is a white boy by the barracks waiting under a tree who is not a white boy,' he stammered to the first bazar letter-writer he came across.
Tell me where thy barracks are and I will set thee there.
The Englishman looked critically at the boy as Mahbub headed towards the barracks.
The barracks were stripped of everything movable, and the men were too excited to sleep.
Without stopping to explain my plans I retraced my way to the street and hastened to the barracks.
But few buildings in Zodanga were higher than these barracks, though several topped it by a few hundred feet; the docks of the great battleships of the line standing some fifteen hundred feet from the ground, while the freight and passenger stations of the merchant squadrons rose nearly as high.
In the grass-thatched barracks nearly two hundred woolly-headed man-eaters slept off the weariness of the day's toil, though several lifted their heads to listen to the curses of one who cursed the white man who never slept.
It is the custom in India to send a certain number of invalids from each regiment up to stations in the Himalayas for the hot weather; and though the men ought to enjoy the cool and the comfort, they miss the society of the barracks down below, and do their best to come back or to avoid going.
The first halt which the detachment of invalids made was some miles from their barracks, on the Amritsar road, and ten miles distant from my house.
It's amazing," said the officer, "what excuses these invalids of mine make to get back to barracks.
Soothed by this thought, he drove off once more to his friends at the Ismailofsky barracks.
I thought of taking her to her rooms at the Ismailofsky barracks first; but she wouldn't hear of it.
The day after the little conversation at Chatham barracks, young Osborne, to show that he would be as good as his word, prepared to go to town, thereby incurring Captain Dobbin's applause.
Doctor Slammer and his friends repaired to the barracks, and Mr.
Arrived at the barracks he made himself known, took the best horse in the stables, mounted and gained the high road.