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a sailing ship with 3 (or more) masts


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Management of Bourg sewage plant Aurec-sur-Loire: 9900 EH (594 kg BOD 5, 3240 m3 / d) and 4 pumping stations (Les Barques, Clos des Ollagnieres, St.
Le projet sera equipe d'une infrastructure integree d'accueil et de commercialisation des produits de la peche, notamment, une halle aux poissons de 300m2 a proximite des lieux de debarquement, 70 locaux pour pecheurs, une unite de fabrication de glace, une chambre isotherme, un depot de carburant et un plan incline avec atelier pour la reparation des barques.
fashioned rafts of log and liana, barques, dugouts, diverse vessels for
One of these four-masted barques, namely The Viking, left Australia in February 1939 and arrived in Cardiff in June that year, taking 118 days to complete the crossing.
Popular modern Tall Ship rigs include topsail schooners, barques, barquentines, brigs and brigantines.
By the early 1800s, however, Duxbury had evolved into one of the nation's largest shipbuilding ports, its 600-700 barques and brigantines known on every ocean.
Besides this, there is the second goal, namely a solar region associated with the barque of the sun, or rather several barques.
The vessels came in all shapes and sizes ( barques, brigs, brigantines, packets, schooners, ketches, sloops and Indiamen.
Clive Read, Veale Wasbrough Vizards; Kathy Toon, Shoosmiths; Jilly Cosgrove, Barques Design; Steve Davis, SR Davis Design; Mark Lee, Calthorpe Estates
Management Bourg Wastewater Treatment Plant in Aurec-sur-Loire: 9900 EH (594 Kg BOD5, 3,240 m3 / d) and 4 pumping stations (Les Barques, Clos des Ollagnieres, St.
Jilly Cosgrove, managing director of Barques Design and Property for Kids committee member, and Ed Gamble, of CBRE, presented the cheque to Ruth Lester from C.
La ceremonie d'ouverture de cette manifestation annuelle initiee par le Royal yachting club de M'diq a ete ponctuee par une course de barques de peche traditionnelle qui a ete remportee par la barque "Firdaous" et des concours de kayak et de natation.
Le prix a ete decerne a l'Association egyptienne, vu ses efforts louables dans la sauvegarde et la protection de l'environnement, ainsi que son role dans la gestion des barques touristiques, tout au long des deux dernieres decennies.
lots of copper barques coming up the river bringing copper ore.