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a sailing ship with 3 (or more) masts


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Think it over; get into the barque, and take care not to make it a barque of Charon.
Then one of us, who had not spoken before, a man of over fifty, that had commanded ships for a quarter of a century, looking after the barque now gliding far away, all black on the lustre of the river, said:
This reminds me of an absurd episode in my life, now many years ago, when I got first the command of an iron barque, loading then in a certain Eastern seaport.
Everything in this world, I reflected, even the command of a nice little barque, may be made a delusion and a snare for the unwary spirit of pride in man.
Then he sealed it and addressed it to "Captain James Calhoun, Barque 'Lone Star,' Savannah, Georgia.
I cross the water without a barque, I cross the water without a boat.
All this is quite true, my dear Cornelius, but still more certain it is, that if at this moment our correspondence with the Marquis de Louvois were discovered, skilful pilot as I am, I should not be able to save the frail barque which is to carry the brothers De Witt and their fortunes out of Holland.
Contract award: operation and management of the treatment plant of bourg and pumping stations barques, the clos des ollagnieres to semene and st.
Saginaw Bay is a prominent indentation on Lake Huron, ranging from Au Sable Point (north of the Tawases) to Pointe aux Barques (at the tip of the Thumb).
Le secteur de la peche a Sousse rencontre des difficultes notamment la surpeche dans le golfe de Hammamet , le retard enregistre dans la mise en oeuvre du projet de rehabilitation du port de Hergla et la lourdeur des procedures pour l'obtention des autorisations de modernisation des barques.
Mobilisant des investissements de l'ordre de 70 millions de dirhams, ce projet, destine a recevoir 70 barques de peche, consistera en l'amenagement d'une digue principale d'une longueur de 180 metres lineaires (ml), d'une contre-digue d'une longueur d'environ 115 ml, d'un terre-plein avec une surface de l'ordre de 6.
The main competition was won by the creatively-named team 'Cobbled Together' while the Yellow Ball winning team was fielded by Birmingham-based Barques Design.
En effet, la plupart des chalutiers ou encore des barques mettent le poisson en vrac dans les entrailles de leurs embarcations et, pour induire en erreur leur entourage, ils utilisent un nombre insignifiant de recipients en plastique.
Le prix a ete decerne a l'Association egyptienne, vu ses efforts louables dans la sauvegarde et la protection de l'environnement, ainsi que son role dans la gestion des barques touristiques, tout au long des deux dernieres decennies.