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elaborate and extensive ornamentation in decorative art and architecture that flourished in Europe in the 17th century


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As the film patiently (perhaps too much so for some) heads toward its foregone conclusion, Beauvois gradually raises his style to a level of baroqueness reminiscent of 1995's "Don't Forget You're Going to Die," reaching a crescendo when the brothers stand and sing together as a helicopter hovers over the monastery, as if the very resonance of their voices would be enough to drive the terror away.
She seems to respond more intuitively to the space to determine what point of view she uses--moving in close or from a distance; choosing a perspectival view or an elevational view; opting for a square, horizontal or vertical format; emphasizing light or an overall color scheme; enhancing a streamlined modernism or excessive baroqueness.
This is odd, since although the murder of Marinus Sch6berl was notable for the baroqueness of the cruelty involved, it was by no means an isolated incident with respect to the anti-Jewish motives involved.
Aesthetically, Aylett owes more to MTV than he does to literary tradition: his experimental prose pieces resemble the digitally manipulated hallucinations we see on our screens, and their sheer Baroqueness makes a kindred spirit such as Robert Coover look like a Victorian.
The Flemish baroqueness of his inspiration can now be appreciated for its blend of the earthy and the spiritual, free of the strictures imposed by a need for psychological realism.