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Synonyms for barony

the estate of a baron

the rank or dignity or position of a baronet or baroness


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the domain of a baron

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Fran was presented with the accolade last week at a graduation ceremony in the university's Barony Hall.
According to details, police got information that in the jurisdiction of Saddar Barony police station a dead body of an unknown person was found in Rain Stream.
Charlotte Brew, on Barony Fort, became the first woman to take part in the race.
Farms are also being sought to provide placements via Walford College in Shrewsbury and Barony College in Dumfries.
The Barony and castle of Alnwick was purchased on November 19, 1309, from Anthony Bek, Bishop of Durham, by Henry de Percy.
The barony - a German title granted to Paul Julius in 1871 but later confirmed by Queen Victoria as conferring the privileges of the nobility in England - becomes extinct on her death, as she and her husband had no children, Reuters reported.
The Boulder-based publication Daily Camera reports that Boulder's Glacier Homemade Ice Cream & Gelato has reached an agreement with Shanghai-based Barony Hotels & Resorts Worldwide which will see Glacier franchised throughout China.
With the war going on, the girls cling tightly to each other, and not knowing what else to do, decide to run away to the outlands to find the gum plant and destroy it to bring peace to the Barony once again.
The Barony of Glasgow; a window onto church and people in nineteenth-century Scotland.
Which Hollywood actress became Lady Haden-Guest when her husband inherited a barony in 1996?
In 1752, for example, in the seigneurial court of the barony of Gemeaux, a young woman appeared before the judge to declare her pregnancy, and the judge awarded her 30 livres from the named father, for the costs of her delivery, with no court case.
The King declared the lands a Feudal Barony and overnight William became the 1st Baron of Lee.
Stephen Hawes from auctioneering firm Strutt and Parker will be putting titles such as the Barony of Tullow and Lordship of the Manor of Florida, Co Tyrone under the hammer.
The Conqueror gave Berkhamsted to the Earl of Moriton, and he gave Buckenham, a manor on the river Waveney in Norfolk, to William d'Aubigny, who built a castle there (Aa 5v); Robert Fitz-Hamon held Bristol in fealty (M 8v); Gilbert Maminot received Deptford (Q 8r); Robert de Todeney received the town and barony of Flamsted (X 3v); William de Breose, from whom lords of Gower and Brecknock w ere descended, acquired Brember Castle in Sussex (Q 3v); and to his nephew Alan Earl of Bretagne in Armorica the Conqueror gave all the lands of Earl Eadwin in Yorkshire.