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Synonyms for barony

the estate of a baron

the rank or dignity or position of a baronet or baroness


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the domain of a baron

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Many of the inherent problems and limitations of using the poll tax, which had been levied in Ireland following an ordinance of the General Convention in April 1660, as a historical source can be dealt with by avoiding absolute totals and instead studying in detail comparisons between baronies.
The methodology had been developed from an earlier study of 1911 60+ age-data by baronies in the Galway area.
Set in the netherworld of ``London Below,'' where office worker Richard Mayhew (Gary Bakewell) finds himself after rescuing Door (Laura Fraser), one of the elite among the complex world of kingdoms and baronies that exist under the city.
But as with most ancient baronies its influence and prestige diminished over the centuries and now all that remains is the title.
And there is no shortage of Scottish aristocrats, lairds and farmers with forgotten feudal baronies, many from the Middle Ages, lurking in their deed boxes.
The names of Scrope, Dacre, Darcy, Clifford, and Heron, as well as Percy, were linked to the towns, castles, and baronies of the north, and Corbet, Breose, and Mortimer, as well as Herbert, to those of the Welsh Marches.
Their keenness to snap up forgotten baronies and cast-off lordships suggests that they have more money than sense.
attorney's (usually political appointees owing as much to their local party leaders as to administration officials) operate regional baronies and satrapies, and do so in an idiosyncratic fashion.