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Synonyms for baronial

Synonyms for baronial

impressive in appearance

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Her step-mother--mapping out a new antiquarian excursion for the next day, and finding Blanche's ears closed to her occasional remarks on baronial Scotland five hundred years since--lamented, with satirical
In ten minutes more they all appeared in the drawing-room; and Lady Lundie (firmly persuaded that she had never closed her eyes) was back again in baronial Scotland five hundred years since.
His health being drunk with acclamations, he was not so baronial after all but that in trying to return thanks he broke down, in the manner of a mere serf with a heart in his breast, and wept before them all.
Through which stalked the shadow of the awful Snigsworth, eyed afar off by money-lenders as Security in the Mist, and menacing Twemlow with his baronial truncheon.
Some part of the edifice had been a baronial chapel, and here were effigies of warriors stretched upon their beds of stone with folded hands--cross-legged, those who had fought in the Holy Wars-- girded with their swords, and cased in armour as they had lived.
Designed for large-scale entertaining, it also boasts a doubleheight foyer, baronial formal living and dining rooms, commercialgrade kitchen a library/office, family room, screening room, wine cellar and gym.
The Big Yin and his wife Pamela Stephenson bought the 19th century baronial manor in 1998.
When Anne Saunders saw that Craigbittern – a stunning Scottish Baronial style Victorian villa – was up for sale, she was desperate to go and see it.
The east wing of the building, a part-stone, part-brick manor house, is believed to have been built in the 1700s, while the west wing, an adjoining stone-built castellated tower in the Scottish Baronial style, was added in 1897.
Such papers and supplies to be purchased from this contract may be Book Papers & Cover (specialty item), Text & Text Covers, Fancy Finishes (specialty item), NCR, Baronial Cards & Envelopes (announcements), Bristols/Indcx, Text Paper, Business Paper, Prc-cul Paper, Gummed & Pressure Sensitive Labels, Special Colors of Offset Papers not on stale contract, Parchtex, Pre-cut Papers used by Duplications, Recycled Papers (Offset, Cover: Antique, Enamel & Text), Card Stock, Laser Paper, Bond Paper, Business Card Boxes, Masking Sheets, Stretch Wrap, Envelopes, etc.
Sir Ian choose to honour his birthplace in his baronial title and coat of arms, which is?
THE Baronial String Quartet, led by award-winning violinist Jacqui Martens, aged 17, from Solihull, performed at Solihull School's new David Turnbull Music School to raise funds for the Family Room at Marie Curie's new West Midlands Hospice, which recently opened in Solihull.
They have to refocus again on the basics - on racing, spending on the sport - and not on baronial motor homes and all kinds of entertainment," he said.
They went totally against Kirstie and Phil's recommendations, and instead bought a well over-budget baronial mansion.
It has a stately home where the lord of the manor gets his orders from the ghosts of his ancestors via the family portraits in the baronial hall.