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a knife resembling a cleaver

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After a violent fight in which Rangda is destroyed, Barong heals all the people who have been hurl during the fight.
Congressman Edcel Lagman, author of the Bill, wore a purple barong Tagalog, to represent women's rights.
The barong will again grace the Buddhist monasteries.
Following APEC tradition, Clinton and the other national leaders attending the summit wore distinctive cream-colored loose-fitting Filipino shirts - called barong tagaloy - given them by their hosts.
The black-tie /formal barong Tagalog dinner will also feature world-class entertainment with a concert presentation of an original Filipino musical, "Long Season", based on Carlos Bulosan's novel, "America is in the Heart", performed by Filipino-American Broadway stars .
Members can indulge in a sumptuous massage treatment in the Barong Spa or buy a round of drinks for new friends in Gatsby's Wine and Tapas Bar.
50; Azrou vase, pounds 35; Barong lion, pounds 20; Leather Rya rug, pounds 195; Lava ironing board, pounds 34; Safi ironing board cover, pounds 6.
Menus and entertainment will be structured so that passengers, for example, could choose a native Indonesian rice dish at dinner, watch a performance by legendary Barong dancers in the main lounge and attend a lecture on the social history of China, or they might order prime rib of Kansas beef, dance to a country western band and join in Karaoke -- all on the same ship on the same day
Panelists featured on "SPEAK OUT" will include accomplished individuals from the Filipino-American community including Benito Bautista, director of the independent feature film, "The Gift of Barong," "Dancing with the Stars" champion Cheryl Burke, "American Idol" finalist, Jose Sway Penala, singer-comedienne Fe delos Reyes, and Bindlestiff performers Ryan Morales and Mike Ricca, among others.
On the lighter side, President Bouterse praised the Barong Tagalog of Ambassador Burgos and his delegation both for its suitability to the warm climate and as a national attire free from Western influence unlike the coat-and-tie.
In 2006, when a morality campaign was launched in China and government officials propagated barong baru (the "Eight Flonors and Disgraces"), Christian bosses highlighted the superiority of Christian morality by showing that these "Honors and Disgraces" were fully in accord with the teaching of the Bible.
Elliott, William, Margaret Sherrard Sherraden, Lissa Johnson, and Barong Guo.
On our second day, we opt for another ship excursion and witness a traditional Barong Dance performance, where a battle between good and evil is represented with colourful masks and acrobatic moves.
2), which depicts the ritual dance of the Barong, a two-person lion-like creature, accompanied by a dagger-wielding man in a trance; and the mythic episode in which the demi-god Garuda, a great bird of prey, defeats two priest-sorcerers who have transformed each other into a tortoise and an elephant (Fig.