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Synonyms for baronetcy

the rank or dignity or position of a baronet or baroness


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the title of a baron

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A word from me, and house, lands, baronetcy, were gone from him for ever--a word from me, and he was driven out into the world, a nameless, penniless, friendless outcast
Henry was an original subscriber to the endowment fund, set up by the former Birmingham Mayor Joseph Chamberlain, to establish the University of Birmingham, and in 1924 he received a baronetcy "for political services to Birmingham".
In 1859, Queen Victoria (who of course has a modern-day liner named after her) conferred a baronetcy on founder Samuel Cunard for services to the country during the Crimean War.
THE heir to a baronetcy was jailed yesterday for refusing to pay child support.
Awarded the Freedom of Huddersfield, he was said to have turned down a baronetcy as he had no wish to be known as anything other than plain Joe Woodhead.
Odd, given how little the heir to a 17th Century baronetcy and to the Osborne & Little wallpaper fortune has in common with the peasant girl played by Eleanor Tomlinson.
For your enlightenment PM in the recent budget Chancellor George Gideon Oliver Osborne, heir apparent to the Baronetcy of Ballentaylor, Waterford, Ireland, to give him his full title, gave an additional PS40m to the Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund to come into force as from April 2016.
Sir Henry, who, like others of his breed, led from the rear, was given a hero's welcome home, elevated to a baronetcy and awarded PS30,000, maybe a million in today's terms.
Sir Walter reads - as if he had not read it a thousand times already - how his ancestors had once been settled in Cheshire, had stood in Parliament, risen to the baronetcy and how they were mentioned in Dugdale.
Greg Mostyn inherited the baronetcy following the death of his father Llewellyn Roger Lloyd Lloyd-Mostyn - the sixth Lord Mostyn - in 2011.
Landlord Archie Orr-Ewing, who is the heir-apparent to the Orr-Ewing of Hendon baronetcy, said that while the Prime Minister had visited a few times, it was the first time he had hosted a president.
He was elected a Royal Academician, was rumoured to have been commissioned to paint Queen Victoria and was put forward for a baronetcy.
Former MP Ian Wrigglesworth has been awarded a baronetcy by the Queen.
Mark, who inherited his late father Denis's baronetcy in 2003, was often accused of ruthlessly exploiting his famous surname and access to power.
In the great baby lottery, not everyone can be born heirs to a 380-year-old baronetcy.