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the peers of a kingdom considered as a group

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Transcribed by William Dugdale in The Baronage of England (1675), 1:333-34.
Daniel Frankforter report that "the baronage of Fauconberg belonged to the Neville family and was claimed by Talbot as the inheritance of his first wife Maud, daughter of Thomas Neville.
Moreover, in all editions of Britannia, each county's perambulation closes with an abbreviated baronage illustrating the creation of peerages and tracing their descents.
Tracing the course of the river Waveney in Norfolk, Camden identifies Kenninghall as the principal seat of the Howards, and in the baronage at the close of the tour of Surrey he notes that the Howards, descended from Mowbray, were won over to Richard III when he created, on the same day, John Howard Duke of Norfolk and his son Thomas Earl of Surrey (Aa 5v; Q v).
The Neapolitan baronage sought to safeguard the interests of both monasteries and their own Seggio and to bind the two institutions together through lavish conventual endowments.