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appear at county fairs and carnivals as a stunt flier and parachute jumper

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tour the country making political speeches, giving lectures, or presenting plays

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Robbie had earlier given the night's other barnstorming performance.
Zlabys got the evening's only solo turn, Shostakovich's barnstorming Piano Sonata No.
THE pre-race hype surrounding Roswell Juliette, following a superb four-race unbeaten record over Walthamstow's 840m trip, was swiftly cast aside on Saturday night, as Keltie Sparkler (6-4) put up a barnstorming display to land the Storetodoor Marathon decider.
The Tory leader in the National Assembly, Nick Bourne, added: 'It was a barnstorming effort.
BRISTOL were tamed by Charlie Vyvyan who capped a barnstorming performance with two tries.
Aerospace America will fill the sky over Oklahoma City with breathtaking aerobatic performers, vintage aircraft that revive the lost art of barnstorming with deafening roars and blowing smoke, nostalgic and historic Warbird aircraft and modern military aircraft.
But the winner is 21-year-old Mhairi Black, who became the youngest MP to be elected to Westminster since 1667, and whose barnstorming maiden speech told us why politics needs more younger blood like hers.
Opener Rammlied is irresistible, collecting elements from past fan favourites into one steroidal signature song, and the title track is up there with the band's barnstorming best.
There was a new show from the chucklesome Peter Kay, a barnstorming Sopranos series finale and my colleague Tam Cowan picking up Chick Young on Offside
He's been barnstorming colleges around the country for ESPN.
VALENCIA were clipped from 7-2 to 3-1 to win La Liga after they produced a barnstorming display at Mallorca on Sunday, writes Steve Palmer.
LABOUR Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham's barnstorming speech on the NHS is a reminder that Ed Miliband leads a strong team.
FORGET Martin Scorcese's Shine A Light, which shot the band on the small stage, this is the Stones at their barnstorming, over the top, best.
The picture marks director Doug Liman's (`Swingers') first major studio movie, and Damon has been promoting the film tirelessly for the past two weeks in a barnstorming cross-country series of appearances.
The Utterly Butterly Barnstorming Team wants two more members to join them for their tour of Europe.