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Synonyms for barnstormer

an actor who travels around the country presenting plays

a pilot who travels around the country giving exhibits of stunt flying and parachuting

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High-flying high jinks take to the sky at Dollywood for the 2011 season with the new Barnstormer ride, a $5.
A spot in front of the big screen in the marquee of the London Welsh Rugby Club, practically within hissing distance of Twickenham, a few friends on hand, a barnstormer of an opener from the Crawshays XV and a crisp spring day to boot.
The second half was another barnstormer as play surged from end to end and the lead seesawed.
The party's leader suddenly and brilliantly flashed into life, illuminating Labour with a barnstormer of a speech he delivered note-free with real gusto.
The Boeing story began in 1916 after Bill Boeing flew in a barnstormer s floatplane over Lake Washington, later remarking, I think we can build a better one.
uk/birmingham) IF you fancy a Christmas treat but think you're too grown up for panto, then head to the Alex for this barnstormer of a show.
com/birmingham If you fancy a Christmas treat but think you're too grown up for panto, then head to the Alex for this barnstormer of a show.
Deliver a third barnstormer today and he'll be nearer Downing Street.
The bitter rivals both fight on Saturday at the ECHO Arena and victories for the pair will lead to a rematch of their 2011 barnstormer.
And before this, the First Piano Concerto was delivered as no barnstormer - though it often is, written as it was as a reaction to Schumann's suicidal illness and Brahms' hopeless love for Schumann's wife Clara - but instead as a measured outpouring of deep inner emotion.
Clifford Werly: Barnstormer, Combat B-29 Pilot, and Pilot Extraordinaire.
And the emergence of Dawn Approach as a likely starter in the St James's Palace Stakes has turned the opening day at Royal Ascot into an absolute barnstormer in terms of quality and interest.
FOOTBALL A MINIERO v SAO PAULO 12am THE group stage of the Copa Libertadores kicks off with a barnstormer between Brazilian rivals Atletico and Sao Paulo - and the hosts ought to get the first three points on the board, writes Steve Davies.
Prior to that contest in New York's Madison Square Garden, the 27-year-old came out on the wrong side of the BBBofC Fight of the Year against Kevin Mitchell in a barnstormer in Liverpool.
Daytrotter has also promoted 6 Barnstormer Tours in the past 3 years where between 5 and 6 bands perform nightly in Barns all over the country, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and, of course, Iowa to name a few Barnstormer venues.