barndoor skate

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one of the largest skates (to 5 feet)


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While many of the areas identified in coastal areas fell outside the proposed GOMIOW, the majority of offshore sites were clustered within and around the GOMIOW, including areas having populations of species of concern: barndoor skate, Atlantic halibut, and deep-sea corals.
If this decline isn't arrested, "the barndoor skate could become the first welldocumented example of extinction in a marine fish," argued Jill M.
That's what happened with the barndoor skate," Musick says.
Though data on the barndoor skate are rather imprecise, there appears to be little question that its populations have crashed throughout almost all of its natural range, says Elliott A.
Three weeks after GreenWorld filed its petition on the barndoor skate, William R.