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European goose smaller than the brant

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Even when he found himself among the other losers in his grade--Darren Stone with his barnacled left hand, for instance, or Toby Gunderson, who stuttered--there was no ease, no kinship.
In the second engraving, the boat is in the act of drawing alongside the barnacled flank of a large running Right Whale, that rolls his black weedy bulk in the sea like some mossy rock-slide from the Patagonian cliffs.
Two dashing, bearded, sea shanty singing pirates recruit shipmates by wooing the crowds to their barnacled ship.
Also like Paine, Hegarty makes everything she shows by hand--from the paintings to the filigreed chair-backs to the barnacled Coca-Cola can--rendering the ruins in loving detail.
The carpeting was a cornflower tint, and geodes caught sunrays on a mantel that had been barnacled with them since my childhood.
Nils would never hear of barnacled sea-dragons or shy, pearly mermaidens.
He soaks himself in his years, just like your granny dunking her barnacled feet in a soothing footbath.
Thar she blooows,'' cried Ursitti, gesturing from the bridge toward a spout off a distant wave, followed by the rising back of a barnacled gray whale.
He envisioned a church that could break free of its bureaucratic, barnacled heaviness; a church enriched by the gifts of lay women and men, not because the hierarchy "permitted" lay involvement but because the gospel insists that all God's people work together to build the kingdom.
Well, he's got a face like the barnacled backside of a tug boat, hasn't he?
And you needn't concern yourself about sea sickness if you haven't the constitution of a Jolly Jack Tar, because it is more balanced on barnacled wooden stands rather than actually floating.
And gliding past the great bronze statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps, who rose from the barnacled jetty above breaker and spume, one hand pointing imperiously east, I could only think: "I did it
See swaying wharves and barnacled pilings, neglected hulks listing in the low-tide mud.
Drifting past a shrubby tangle of mangroves, scanning the dark reflections for a telltale swirl, you wouldn't suspect that a big chunk of Florida's economy rests on those gnarly, barnacled roots.
They found that the town had got its money's worth for the pounds 11,000 spent - here was a building barnacled with scrolls and statuary, shining with stained-glass windows, layered inside with lustrous tiles and arches fit for a shipping tycoon's mansion.