barnacle goose

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European goose smaller than the brant

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Subordinates explore but dominants profit: resource competition in high Arctic Barnacle Goose flocks.
As the Barnacle Goose flock disperses from RSPB Ynys-hir, the BTO is asking for people to look for colour-ringed birds.
Many pieces of Beswick were forward including Barnacle Goose pounds 470, Fantail Pigeon pounds 330, Highland Bull, cow and calf pounds 320, Huntsman pounds 290 and Huntswoman at pounds 250.
TAGGING TIME A Svalbard barnacle goose, like those five which will be monitored
Body size variation in Barnacle Goose colonies: evidence for local saturation of habitats.
To date, the WWT has saved more than 20 species from extinction, including the Hawaiian Goose (Nene) and the Barnacle Goose.
One bird overshot the country this week when as a Spanish birdwatcher found a Barnacle Goose 900 miles south of its usual wintering site on the Solway Firth.