barn dance

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a dance party featuring country dancing

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Susan and Dave Bentley welcomed the superlambanana to their celebratory barn dance, and even piled him into a taxi afterwards.
When the barn dance first began, the Penns hosted roughly 150 people at their farm.
The Gay Gordons, barn dances and rock 'n' roll were among the dances recalled by Les who had special memories of his former dance partner.
If you get the chance, try a barn dance for yourself.
Lonesome Cowgirls and Honky-Tonk Angels asserts the importance of women in barn dance radio, a phenomenon that established some of country music's most important practices and themes.
There were enough musicians in the village, too, to provide a variety of floor spots at a barn dance recorded by the BBC for the Village Barn Dance series, with music provided by Peter's band, the Haymakers.
While at Chicago's WLS, Hay had seen success with a Barn Dance program which proved popular with displaced Southerners looking for a way to connect to home.
Enjoy our Christmas festivities by joining us for a Themed Party Night in our ballroom on December 13 and 14 for a barn dance or on December 18 and 19 for a Show Stoppers evening.
The event still features a barn dance, rodeo and other old-time western attractions.
Of course, in those early shows, we had all the WLS National Barn Dance talent featured on stage--Capt.
These frisky field mice are having a good time at the barn dance.
The new WEEBLES toy line features wacky WEEHICLES and fun play sets like the WEEBLEVILLE TOWN CENTER and the WEEBLES BARN DANCE.
Many people had never experienced a barn dance before but so many said they would love to attend another and there were even calls for it to be made an annual event and everyone commented on what a great atmosphere there was.
The Jumpin Hot Jamboree - and Cajun Barn Dance - is a cheerful, quirky and small festival event in partnership with The Barn at Easington.
A BARN dance to raise money for city-based charity Global Care will be held next Friday .