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Synonyms for barmy



Synonyms for barmy

marked by spirited enjoyment

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While Burnham pledged the Barmy Army will "travel and support whatever 11 players are put out", he accepts there is a heightened risk - the UK government's foreign travel advice warns of the possibility of violent protests due to strikes.
The charity tour will run until September with Barmy Army members taking part in events scheduled across the 18 first class cricket counties to coincide with England and Australia's Summer Ashes Tests and ODI series matches.
Horrible Histories Barmy Britain 3 comes to Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park on Friday, October 2 at 1.
Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain takes a Horrible Histories: Barmy humorous look at the eccentricities of kings, queens and historical figures from battling Celtic queen Boudicca through to the origins of the First World War in one hour 45 minutes.
But thankfully, Going Barmy is not simply a collection of regurgitated, beer-infused anecdotes which were probably hilarious at the time, but fall a little short in the humour department in the cold light of day.
The Barmy Army isn't the same people all the time, we're a mix of people and have had fans from the Middle East join us for tours before," Burnham told 7DAYS.
And as for suggesting that calling creationists "barmy" is lowering the debate "so that it cannot be conducted in an intelligent or courteous way", I find that exceptionally barmy.
To suggest that when Gerrard and Torres don't play means they are any less than a top-four team would be barmy.
However, in his column in British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, Ponting played down the antics of England's so-called Barmy Army, calling them the best fans in the world.
This barmy window that we've got, it forces you to either put the club at risk financially or put it at risk football-wise if you're not one of the big four clubs," he said.
The English Army is primed to March on Wales - the Barmy Army that is.
His barmy offer comes after we told how a humble slice of beetroot sold for more than pounds 42 on eBay.
ENGLAND cricket chief David Collier has scoffed at Aussie fears that the Barmy Army could spark Ashes crowd trouble.
Who) linking the sketches in each episode, the surreal goings-on at Kelsey Grammar School, and the wacko mannerisms of barmy Scottish hotelier Ray McCooney.
Sullivan, ready for talks with Bacca, added: "Every year we say the transfer window has gone crazy, but it really has gone barmy this year - particularly if you are looking for strikers.