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Synonyms for barmy



Synonyms for barmy

marked by spirited enjoyment

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As I've said so many times, education in the UK is a looking-glass world, a world where barminess is seen as logic and logical argument is far too much trouble.
Britain's own dotty space opera is a repository of our shambolic barminess.
IT'S long been presumed that the half-dead folk of Shrapnel-on-the-Whinge and other bastions of blue rinse barminess would vote for a turbot if you pinned a Tory rosette on it, writes Steve Davies.
Nice to see her barminess does produce positive results.
FILLING that niche between Des O'Connor cosiness and Michael Barrymore's barminess is Brian Conley.
Dreaming up the sheer barminess of North Korea would have been beyond the satirical powers of Swift or Orwell, never mind the sort of American civil servants whose most original idea of the last century was trying to assassinate Fidel Castro with an exploding cigar.
Last week she produced a prime piece of barminess when she said nothing good has come out of Europe and called for Britain to withdraw from the EU.
The resolution has a spectacular Terry Gilliam barminess.
But it all comes out with more affection than spite as the dogs look increasingly bewildered by the barminess of their barking mad owners.
Youngsters like a bit of barminess though and there's plenty more of it in The Conjurors' Cookbook series by Jonathan Emmett (Bloomsbury, pounds 3.
The odds on him continuing to bounce between brilliance and barminess are far shorter.