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Synonyms for barmy



Synonyms for barmy

marked by spirited enjoyment

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POP star Robbie Williams was named yesterday named as one of Britain's barmiest punters after failing to get this year's Christmas number one single.
The appeal brought out the best - and barmiest - in people as they took part in the nationwide fundraising frenzy.
MOVE over Lindsay Lohan, this is the barmiest arrest in ages.
Veteran cyclist Les Archer, chairman of Stourbridge Velo Cycling Club, said: "It's the barmiest cycle path layout I've ever seen.
One of my regrets about the Racecourse Tour that prompted the plaque is that I didn't have an award for the barmiest manager, an award that would have been hotly contested and would, I suspect, have ended up in Ireland.
Yesterday the decision came under fire from former council leader Dave Walsh, who described the move as "the barmiest for a long time".
Yet Kerr is backing one of the SNP's barmiest policies.
THERE should be a competition between the EU and the Health and Safety Executive to see who can come up with the barmiest rules.
Call it what you like but this was a day only the Barmiest of the Army would describe as sexy.
Followers of the home teams - Oakland and Philadelphia - have the reputation for being the barmiest in America.
That must make him the barmiest member of the Barmy Army.
And this particular decision ( which, interestingly, only surfaced after the council's ruling coalition had its group meeting ( is probably the barmiest for a long time.
Human interest, theatre, personalities and the barmiest fans you're likely to see.