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Synonyms for barmy



Synonyms for barmy

marked by spirited enjoyment

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Surely no barmier than packing youngsters during their formative years with powerful mind-altering drugs?
Generally, the barmier the fans, the better the band.
NOT content with splitting Scotland's biggest city over plans to close its most famous maternity hospital, Greater Glasgow Health Board have now come up with an even barmier plan.
Bon C, Revenant MC, Sotta C, Mailliavin A, Barmier E, Goujon R, et al.
That sounds barmy but is it really any barmier than some of UKIP's pronouncements?
Yes, it''s a barmy premise and it gets barmier, all the way to the unlikeliest ending on the planet.
People chuckled when the plot for the latest instalment to the Rocky films was revealed but that was in the movies, the Holyfield v Tyson rematch is even barmier and that's real life.
Cold, wet Britain must have been a recipe for ill-health among an occupying force drawn largely from the warmer, barmier climates of the Empire, so not surprisingly the cultivation of herbs was quickly introduced to provide a cure for the more common ailments, as well as to spice up those cabbages.
Competition for dollars is fierce in Las Vegas and when it comes to hotels there is a simple rule of thumb - the bigger, brasher and barmier they are, the better.
Which is barmier - Nasser Hussain's Barmy Army or Saddam Hussein's Barmy Army?
The dropping of some of New Labour's barmier ideas, including top-up fees for students and the introduction of foundation hospitals outside NHS control.
Just when you think he's gone soft, he bounces right back - bigger, better and barmier than ever.
Jim Carey, the man with a face like a cathedral of gargoyles, is barmier than ever as the zany pet detective in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (PG).