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Synonyms for barmy



Synonyms for barmy

marked by spirited enjoyment

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Competition for dollars is fierce in Las Vegas and when it comes to hotels there is a simple rule of thumb - the bigger, brasher and barmier they are, the better.
Which is barmier - Nasser Hussain's Barmy Army or Saddam Hussein's Barmy Army?
They have rebelled against the government's barmier moves, lambasted failing services and played key roles in much of the law-making unveiled by ministers.
Just when you think he's gone soft, he bounces right back - bigger, better and barmier than ever.
Jim Carey, the man with a face like a cathedral of gargoyles, is barmier than ever as the zany pet detective in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (PG).
The plan was no barmier than Darlington theatre casting a police band to play miners on the 30th anniversary of the strike.
What's barmier is that some people with more money than sense will buy it.
The internet is a specially happy hunting ground for conspiracy theorists like the Frenchman who has seemingly surfed the barmier corners of cyberspace before writing a book claiming that the Pentagon was not hit by a crashing plane on September 11.
This soap is a heavily romanticised fantasy into which we all willingly enter except that, if we start believing it's real, we might not get out the other side again - we might well end up a lot barmier than we actually are.
BETTING on top point-scorer at St Andrews this week is one of the barmier ways of doing your money.
Even barmier is the idea that men fall off motorbikes at the whiff of Lynx unisex smelly-stuff.
Yes, of course the antics of the shamed former Tory minister and his missus over the past seven days have made them look barmier than ever.