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a rich currant cake or bun

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Meanwhile cut the slices of barmbrack into rough "pear shapes" - you should get two pieces out of each slice but this will depend on the size of your pears.
To serve, arrange the toasted barmbrack pieces on plates and add a pear half to each one.
Paul Rankin's toasted barmbrack with pears and creme fraiche, and the chef himself, top right
28) But if she claims not to want the future-predicting wedding ring in her slice of barmbrack and she likes her independent means and enjoys her relations with the laundresses and Joe's family, her disappointment, then, is not necessarily and certainly not explicitly derived from her single status.
INGREDIENTS: Serves 4 8 slices of Rankin Selection* Barmbrack 25g
METHOD: Toast the Rankin Selection Barmbrack on both sides until golden, and keep warm.
Fulfilling the demand for authentic products is traditional Irish bread specialist Ormo Bakery, producer of a menu including soda bread, soda farls, barmbrack, traditional Irish batch bread and potato bread.
Soda bread, soda farls and wheaten bread are Irwin's bestsellers in Britain as well as barmbrack, its only long life product.
The Northern Ireland based bakery supplies traditional products such as soda and wheaten bread, soda Farls and barmbrack.
Fruited products include fruit loaves, Barmbracks and hot cross buns and the Ormo Whiskey Fruit Loaf, baked with the famous Bushmills Irish Whiskey.
He added: "Potato farls, soda bread and barmbracks are taking over from the French baguette, Indian naan and Italian ciabatta.