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a female bartender

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He also eschews hot potations, and addicts himself to a tankard of ale, which is brought him by the barmaid.
Crupp,' said I, 'I must beg you not to connect the young lady in my case with a barmaid, or anything of that sort, if you please.
The barmaid called to her master, and warned him that strangers were intruding themselves into the house.
It isn't so easy for a girl like Flora de Barral to become a factory hand, a pathetic seamstress or even a barmaid.
Trying to drive out a cold," he explained to the barmaid, with a friendly nod and a grimacing smile.
I'm nearly part of the furniture now," said the retired ICI Billingham foreman, pictured celebrating with barmaids Helen Kilpatrick, left, and Andrea Puttick.
ST HELENS barmaid Kiera Weathers wowed the X Factor judges on Sunday by singing We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off - which has always annoyed me about barmaids.
The actress, 45, is "thrilled" to be the latest in the long line of Corrie barmaids including Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre), Bev Callard (Liz McDonald), Julie Goodyear (Bet Lynch) and Sarah Lancashire (Raquel Watts).
The British actress is "thrilled" to be the latest in the long line of Corrie barmaids, which included Michelle Keegan, Bev Callard, Julie Goodyear and Sarah Lancashire.
Sid Hodson tweeted: "Time has been called on the Queen of barmaids.
THE funeral has been held of one of Birmingham's bestloved and longest-serving barmaids.
ONE of Wales' most celebrated actresses has played a number of pub landladies and barmaids in her career.
That way we would have heard the last of all blonde, buxom, brash and bawdy barmaids long before the occupation was stereotyped, then every pub in the country would be staffed by normal, approachable, standard-issue personnel.
Buxom barmaids in Bavaria could be forced to cover up if a 'loony' EU directive comes into force over levels of sun exposure, it emerged yesterday.
A man charged in connection with an armed robbery in which a shotgun was pointed at barmaids appeared before magistrates in Bedlington.