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a commercial leavening agent containing yeast cells

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Sultan al Bader, a member of the committee, said, "The 2,515 participants comprise 1,380 citizens and 1,135 expats competing in five categories including, Barm citizens, Barm expats and new converts.
Environment impact Assessment in Barm Farhad Tourism Region.
That''s B for baby, bungalow, benign and possibly barm cake.
Cover story This fabulous Georgian property was in need of some TLC Pages 4-5 Changing rooms The ever-changing face of Waseley Hills Farm Barm Pages 6-7 Mane event Properties perfect for pony lovers Pages 18-20 Animal magic Squirrel Terrace is a haven for wildlife Page 21 A modern day manor Tudor styling meets 21st century technology Pages 24-25 Property Expert How a bad past can affect a property's future Pages 26 POST PROPERTY correspondent is Alison Jones Email: PostSupplements@mrn.
The boundaries of chippie vernacular are often so blurred that even the locals might struggle to remember if they are in the chip barm or the chip cob shop, especially after ten pints.
DIALLING CODES: stottie; brioche; pitta bread; crumpet; barm cake; muffin; baguette; poppadom; ciabatta; scone; pikelet; damper.
From Irish Barm brack, a lightly fruited bread that is not too sweet but delightful, to Ho-ddeock, or Korean cinnamon buns, there is no shortage of delicious vegetarian dessert recipes.
Maybe it lost a little something, well a lot of something really, in translation otherwise Northern sayings with the words barm cake, screw and loose come to mind.
IN The Wrinkled Stocking Tea Room anorak-clad tourists sheltering from a downpour tuck into barm cakes or a Batty's Big Breakfast.
National Trust Barm Bread, the traditional wheaten bread of England, is made with beer produced from hops grown in the Scotney Castle hop garden in Kent, owned by the Trust.
EAASI has been formed to represent the European ride manufacturers and draws its members from National European ride manufacturers Associations such as AFFFEL, BARM, RAAPA, and VDV, as well as ride manufacturers from Switzerland.
There are many words for the honest roll, including bap, roll, barm cake, and oven-bottom muffin, those just from an area of about ten square miles, each town having a different name for the humble roll.
Thus day by day this child bigan to crye, Til in his fadres barm adoun it lay, And seyde, "Farewel, fader, I moot dye
The range comprises two brown soda breads, soda farls, potato farls, and two fruited products: Barm Brack and Sliced Fruit Soda.
Barm an, Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, GA 31061.