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Synonyms for barley-sugar

a brittle transparent candy made by melting and cooling cane sugar


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But there were also kindnesses, with Delius, equally suffering, sending him from his home just outside Paris barley-sugar made by nuns.
Dating from 1844 to 1903, the imported pub embodies a truly Victorian look and feel with beveled and gilded mirrors, elaborate mosaics and terra cotta tiles, finely turned timbers and elaborately carved, fine-grained hardwoods that are twisted into barley-sugar shapes.
Town Square's 25- metre Christmas tree dominates the park and is decorated with barley-sugar sticks, marzipan figures, garlands and fairy lights.
Barbers' shops in Geat Homer Street had various tricks of the trade to attract young customers, including giving out marbles or barley-sugar sticks with a haircut.
But when he opened the door there was this magnificent hall with a gold papier-mache balcony and these barley-sugar pillars.