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resembling the rough bark of a tree

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GROUPER SANDWICH "I like my grouper with barky grill marks on it.
Yes, even with two quarreling sons, the ever-present low drone of our Xbox's explosive entertainments, two barky Chihuahuas and a neighbor who loves to mow his lawn/karaoke his heart out/rev his Harley every Sunday morning at 9, my house is an island of relative serenity.
In fact, while the blast was a bit barky it wasn't out of line with the other handgun calibers I had along that day.
Slabs (the barky first cut) are stacked outside in cutting cribs, cut into 16-inch lengths and piled in storage racks (Photo 3) for wood stoves in my shop, basement and kitchen.
Barky Hassan Salih, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Karti and the Minister of Finance and National Economy Ali Mahmoud as well as several executive leaderships in relation to the summit.
Colluding with the white girls' consciousness, the text sets out to emasculate Exum before it even identifies his action: "They had seen, without any idea of what he would do--and yet it was just like him--little old Exum toiling up the rough barky ladder and dreaming it up, clinging there monkeylike among the leaves, all eyes and wrinkled forehead" (436).
So doth the woodbine the sweet honeysuckle / Gently entwist; the female ivy so / Enrings the barky fingers of the elm" (4.
Here's a Health to the Barky Mow is a joint project between the British Film Institute and the EFDSS.
Khoda J, Hertzanu Y, Sebbag G, Lantsberg L, Barky Y.
Shops and stalls offer a cultural mosaic of foreign aromas, seafoods, meats, sensuous barky roots, lustrous tropical fruits, kaleidoscope varieties of cheese and breads, grains and pulses.
My human senses dulled, grew thin, confined inside a barky skin.
Greedy for life, for freedom, you crave to escape the barky trunk and try out an independent existence, and you stretch out in the sun for sheer love of life.
nest of barky remnants holds, waiting it seems, and is then lifted,