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Synonyms for barkeeper

an employee who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar

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But after that I watched the chance when she wasn't around so as to collect from her barkeeper.
The boys snickered, and I noticed the barkeeper favoured me with a strange, searching scrutiny.
This barkeeper got converted at a Moody and Sankey meeting, in New York, and started home on the ferry-boat, and there was a collision and he got drowned.
It tickles the barkeeper till he can't rest, it makes a charming lark for the young folks, it don't do anybody any harm, it don't cost a rap, and it keeps up the place's reputation for making all comers happy and content.
It was the talk of these realms - not for a day, like this barkeeper business, but for twenty years before the man died.
I could have been a barkeeper and a hard lot just as well as not," says I, remembering the lonesome way I arrived, and how there wasn't any committee nor anything.
Nobody but just you and me - it ain't much of a display for the barkeeper.
The rush went on and on, for a long time, and at last, sure enough, along comes the barkeeper, and then everybody rose, and a cheer went up that made the heavens shake, I tell you
As the barkeeper climbed along up, bowing and smiling to everybody, and at last got to the platform, these tents were jerked up aloft all of a sudden, and we saw four noble thrones of gold, all caked with jewels, and in the two middle ones sat old white-whiskered men, and in the two others a couple of the most glorious and gaudy giants, with platter halos and beautiful armor.
The archangels gave the barkeeper a stiff little military bow; the two old men rose; one of them said, "Moses and Esau welcome thee
The barkeeper looked a little disappointed, for he was calculating to hug those old people, I judge; but it was the gladdest and proudest multitude you ever saw - because they had seen Moses and Esau.
The procession took up the barkeeper and moved on with him again, and the crowd broke up and scattered.
But Martin turned away, leaving him to tell it to the barkeeper, until that worthy was called away to furnish drinks to two farmers who, coming in, accepted Martin's invitation.
Had his barkeepers been asked, they would have described his mental condition as a grouch.
The Dutch Sies Foletta and Tim Beekman got supporting roles as a barkeeper and as a pimp, but the main roles had already been given to Belgians.