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an employee who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar

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This afternoon, though, he's looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, restored to the extent that he can make it up to the counter under his own steam to ask the star-struck barkeep to switch the telly to Racing UK.
Critic Peter Howell said: "It is so loaded with brighteyed priests, superstitious drunkards, frisky scoundrels, eccentric innkeepers and a gruff (but buff) barkeep, it's a wonder that someone doesn't file a class-action defamation lawsuit in the name of St Patrick, boyo.
The crew of the ship loses their jobs and Joseph seeks solace with a third woman, a barkeep at a local tavern, which decision does no one any good.
To escape the heat of Frankfurt, they gather evenings in the courtyard, where an Ethiopian barkeep has set up an improvised bar.
The stocky, 50-something proprietor, who could pass for a barkeep in a John Ford Western, is watching The Green Berets on an ancient VHS player.
O'Doyle, the tax collector Pegeen 'Peg' Ferguson, a widow; film production advisor Kate Tinker Dugan, Red's mother Riley Dugan, Red's father Mary Clare McGill, Red's lost sweetheart Leo 'Boxer' McCafferty, actor, director, poet, writer, reviewer Gogarty, a saucy barmaid Charlie, Gogarty's uncle; friend of the late Riley Dugan Joe O'Malley, a barkeep Burleigh Bob Kildare, Red's boyhood friend, a.
In March 1903, deputy sheriff John Parberry arrested August Johnson, the Silver Beach Hotel's barkeep, for selling liquor without a license.
Homemade desserts include rhubarb pie, bread pudding and Irish coffee cake, and the barkeep is always ready at the tap with Harp, Smithwicks, Bare Knuckle Stout, Guinness and some darlin' ciders.
We later meet the Loveworthys' daughter, Emily (Kathleen Rose Perkins), who returns from America having fallen in love with a Daniel Boone-ish barkeep from Arizona named Earl Kant (Matt Ford).
the barkeep, as bar maid, bar girl ("B-girl"), or cocktail
The tavern's barkeep Mickey Maloy and Jamie Cregan rehearse the history of Con Melody's birth in an Irish manor, his heroism--and libido--in the Seventh Dragoons in Spain, and his peripety outside of Boston.
Opposition has temporarily subsided, but Happy still must deal with her nemesis, librarian Ruth Spinks; suspicious barkeep Dave Dryer; fawning admirer Janet Ping; lecherous college president Reeve Tennyson; and her often underfoot husband, James.
A short time ago, I skulked down to the poolside bar and the barkeep set a napkin before me.
And the barkeep said, 'No and I don't give a good goddam' To Stagger Lee.