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But, if you read the same journals I do, you realize how devastating the pine bark beetle has become to our western North American forests.
Capable of locating its prey with great accuracy, it has been deployed against the great spruce bark beetle, an exotic pest from mainland Europe.
Advance in red turpentine bark beetle, Dendroctomts valens LeConte.
Few days go by without seeing an article addressing some issue related to bark beetles.
7 million acres of trees across the western United States have been destroyed by bark beetles.
Now we have a dense, dead fuel source throughout the Rocky Mountain West area--especially in Colorado--and the trees are unable to fight off the bark beetles.
But these impacts are only the tip of the iceberg: carbon dioxide causes increased temperatures, which in turn cause further warming (the loss of carbon-absorbing trees to bark beetle attack being just one example).
Nevertheless, advanced techniques from the fields of image analysis and spatial statistics presented in this article can provide an appropriate alternative to common GIS tools applicable to ecological data such as bark beetle infestation.
The new sequence information can be used in the study of other insect-tree-fungus pests including the Southern Pine Beetle making its way into Ontario, and the Bark Beetle already prevalent in parts of the United States.
Wrightwood buildings generally have composite shingles rather than wood shingles, its weather had not been as dry as in the San Bernardino Mountains and the types of trees around it face a different, less numerous and less aggressive sort of bark beetle than trees in the San Bernardino Mountains, the survey said.
Sessions focusing on mitigation efforts in Taiwan, disaster warning systems, potential solutions to the bark beetle and fire problem, un-reinforced masonry buildings.
A recent study has found Hylastes to be the most common bark beetle genus observed in loblolly pine stands in central Alabama (Thompson 2011), illustrating their dominance in this ecosystem.
Foresters have few means of fighting bark beetle infestations other than allowing nature to take its course.
The fire danger is compounded by years of drought-like conditions and the ravages of a bark beetle infestation that has turned California forests into tinderboxes just waiting for a spark.