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a soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group

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By univariate analysis, modified barium swallow was more sensitive than barium swallow for diagnosing aspiration (odds ratio of 3.
Upper endoscopy and barium swallow (Figure 1) revealed narrowing of the distal esophagus.
The modified barium swallow and the functional endoscopic evaluation of swallowing.
Modified barium swallow examinations were recommended when appropriate to assist with management of dysphagia irrespective of whether the patient was or was not allowed water.
2]) Barium swallow 101 79 1 912 (62-347) (235-7 276) Barium meal 27 127 2 343 (38-395) (47-6 505) Hexabrix swallow 35 57 1 643 (7-242) (241-9 712) Gastrografin meal 12 75 2 689 (10-131) (167-6 979) Barium enema 31 177 5 062 (55-487) (519-20 296) Voiding cystourethrogram 106 63 1 560 (7-579) (130-1 626) Fistulogram 7 71 1 320 (9-155) (154-2 559) Myelogram 6 117 1 821 (1-292) (14-5 266) Nephrostomy 8 38 1 458 (7-179) (161-2 559) Loopogram 3 31 810 (22-49) (746-910) * Values of skin dose and DAP to the nearest integer.
This is called diffuse oesophageal spasm and barium swallow tests can detect it.
During the barium swallow we heard the awful gurgle and cough once again.
In February 1999, a barium swallow test did not show that the patient had any difficultiy in swallowing.
A barium swallow performed on the 12th hospital day demonstrated a fistulous communication between the mid-esophagus and the right main bronchus (Fig.
A barium swallow - a special X-ray - will give a quick diagnosis.
The doctors were asked to state how many chest X-rays were equivalent to Cat scans, leg X-rays for fractures, MRI scans of the head, ultrasound scans in pregnancy, a barium swallow and various other tests.
Eliminating the barium swallow study would save the cost of the radiologic test and let postoperative patients advance their diet and get out of the hospital sooner, said Dr.
Because bedside evaluations are limited to clinical observations, Richardson always refers residents for further testing (modified barium swallow or endoscopy) when she suspects an underlying problem.
Speech pathologists and radiologists have developed procedures for modified barium swallow approaches, including positional and postural adjustments and various liquid and solid mediums, for optimal diagnostic value.