barium peroxide

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a white toxic powder obtained by heating barium oxide in air

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Barium peroxide is also called as Barium binoxide, Barium dioxide or Barium superoxide.
Barium peroxide is an oxidizing agent, which is used for bleaching.
The highly flammable mix contains 85 percent barium peroxide and 15 percent magnesium.
On inhalation barium peroxide may cause irritation to the nose, throat, and respiratory tract.
Barium peroxide can also be used in green tracer ammunition and as a bleaching agent, as an oxidizer in various ordnance and pyrotechnic mixtures, in Hair Dyes, for the processing of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, in the welding industry, to bleach animal substances, vegetable fibers and straw, oxidizer in organic synthesis and as a catalyst to start an aluminothermic reaction
et al [4] found that data of thermal investigations with a recording pyrometer, and also investigations of the processes of decomposition of barium peroxide compounds, made it possible to establish the individuality of each of these compounds: BaO2, BaO2*8H2O, BaO2*H2O2, and BaO2*2H2O2.
A et al [6] repoted that gas chromatographic investigations showed that the barium peroxide technique was not satisfactory for maintenance of aerobic conditions or for determination of carbon dioxide evolved during incubation of soils treated with organic materials.
Li Wei-Zhen et al [13] in 2009 did the Comparison of barium peroxide, Ba(OH)2 and Ba(NO3)2 as the precursor of BaO for the preparation of NO x -storage BaO/Al2O3 material was carried out.
But economically it was the cheapest way to prepare barium peroxide through barium carbonate.
precipitates of barium peroxide were formed which was filtered out.
Then kept it for the precipitation reaction took place until grey-white precipitate of barium peroxide settled down.
11 Effect of Temperature on Percentage Yield of Barium Peroxide
To investigate the effect of temperature on yield of barium peroxide prepared 0.