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the second lowest adult male singing voice


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Lindsay Sterk (Figaro) exhibited a commanding baritone voice, and his tall, boyish good looks added to his convincing portrayal.
His aunt was a distinguished opera singer, and he developed a fine baritone voice, to be heard on the 1936 recording of his setting of Matthew Arnold's Dover Beach for voice and string quartet.
I suppose some of my singing is quite high but I've a baritone voice - I'm just going to have to use my lower register more
Their dark and brooding songs mine a rich vein of material,borrowing from the tradition of ``murder'' ballads,brought up to date, with musical settings of Rennie's intelligent, surreal and thought-provoking lyrics provided by Brett, delivered in his rich, sonorous, baritone voice, with simple accompaniment, often supplemented by a drum beat provided by a mini-disc player and occasional musical saw.
He had an excellent baritone voice and loved singing the old Welsh songs.
I refer of course to the late Bryn Williams, who was perhaps better known for his splendid baritone voice and who featured regularly in the networked Ronnie and Ryan show.
MIAMI: Bob Hite, whose rich baritone voice brought children scrambling to the radio at the start of The Lone Ranger with a booming "from out of the past came the thundering hoof beats of the great horse Silver" has died.
Each Figaro (Andrew Stewart and Tom Corbell) energized the plot with his robust baritone voice.
His robust baritone voice blended beautifully with American lyric soprano Theresa Santiago's Countess, whose vocally controlled, well-projected pianissimo passages were very moving.
James Mustard's lyrical baritone voice was captivating, his honeyed timbre embellishing the music with great authority and purpose.
He matches a fine baritone voice of dark and rich timbre with an engaging personality, and the music seems to flow effortlessly from his lips - as was quickly apparent in Gerald Finzi's song cycle, I Said To Love (Thomas Hardy).
I refer of course to the late Bryn Williams, who was perhaps better known for his splendid baritone voice, and who featured regularily in the networked Ronnie and Ryan show.
One of the best jazz singers of his generation, Davis' rich baritone voice has been paired with the musical magic of some of the world's most famous talent.
He possesses a fine baritone voice and earlier this year Louis received considerable critical acclaim for his role as Paul Robeson in the Billy Holliday Story which toured successfully.
Olivier Laquerre has a fine baritone voice, but it lacks the power for the fiery Spanish toreador, Escamilio.